10 New Years Resolutions You Should Never Make

Happy belated New Year & TGIF loves. So I dragged myself out of bed this morning and after having a lovely holiday and day off returned to work. I’ll admit I wasn’t the most chipper this morning, but I went in and checked my email account and found a great article by marieclaire.com on bad new year’s resolutions. I just had to share!

1. Get married by the end of the year. Nobody wants to be the girl who constantly nags, and basically forces their man’s hand in marriage (or sends him running for the hills). Marriage is a huge goal, especially if you’re still single, making the odds of failing painfully high. Instead, whether you’re in a relationship or not, focus on what you like about your current situation — you’ve got enough pressure in your life.

2.Get a radical hair style change. I had a friend who had amazing brown hair, and -in an effort to “switch things up”- tried to bleach it to platinum (never, ever do this at home btw) and ended up orange. Even when done professionally radical beauty moves can go wrong, cost a ton of cash and sometimes make you cry. You never know if you’d really look great with a pixie cut if you’ve never had hair shorter than your shoulders. Try something new, have some fun, but I don’t recommend an all or nothing cut or color.

3.Become famous. Get-famous-fast options usually involve sacrificing your dignity and privacy. Forget the Jersey Shore, honing your talents and polishing your work performance will get you much further, and winning the respect of those you admire is more satisfying and graceful.

4. Stop using facebook. Facebook is a part of every aspect of modern life, from shopping, to reconnecting with old friends and stalking exes. So go ahead and give in to the urge, everyone else has.      (side note, I kinda disagree with this one, facebook always gives me an icky upset-stomach feeling so I recently deactivated mine and have been much happier. It’s a personal choice so go with your gut. & stalking exes… just don’t)

5.Buy a new wardrobe. We all want one, but we all want lots of things don’t we? Focus on real investments, savings accounts, big trips, and an emergency account. Anything left over? Fair game, enjoy!

6. Cut out sugars and carbs completely. Restricting your diet drastically is difficult, if not impossible for an extended period of time. Instead, give yourself small constraints, only eat homemade baked goods, or cut portions in half and you will start to see changes.  As a rule: if you get your fruits, veggies and exercise in you’ll be feeling & looking better this year.

7. Win back your ex. Sure, it’s a fantasy we’ve all had, but an ex is an ex for a reason. Spend the time and energy you would dedicate to getting his attention to looking for new prospects – or better yet, spend it on yourself. Besides, you might just miss Mr Right if you spend your time chasing Mr So Wrong.

8. Start a blog. (hehe) Blogs are great for self-expression and can be therapeutic, but if you’re looking for over-night fame as a cultural critic, you may be a little late — the blog boat sailed a while ago. Launching a profitable blog is about the same a becoming a working actor — tough, but it does happen.

9. Fit into your high school jeans. Resolving to be healthy is one thing, but setting hard and fast weight loss goals makes them more difficult to achieve. It’s more reasonable to commit to a workout routine, not a number on a scale or some denim that hasn’t been in style for years.

10. Try to change him. If he’s unwilling to make adjustments for you in his life, you cannot change him. Repeat, if a guy doesn’t want to change, he won’t. Either accept him as is, or walk away.

My Favorite: Weekend meal.

I’m really feeling this meal, I’ve made it over and over again and it’s just delicious. Plus- super healthy (at least as far as a soup goes) 206 calories per serving? count me in!

Favorite weekend makeup. Au natural.

I love this look, just throw on a little BB cream or tinted moisturizer, and use your favorite cheek tint (cream prefered) on the apples of your cheeks and lips for an all over, healthy glow. Add a bit of eye liner, mascara, and/or a bright lip to complete the look or transition into night.