2016 Beauty

Welcome to the new year! Are you ready to follow through on your resolutions? Yeah, me either! What I can help with though is an insight into 2016’s hottest beauty trends. So what if you haven’t lost 10 pounds yet, get yourself a hot new look & it’ll all be okay!

Here are a few trends to look for this year:

From natural looking highlights to vintage cuts and icy blues, there’s something for everyone this year.

perfect natural

Natural looking highlights will be big this year. Ask your stylist to try a mix of balayage and baby highlights. The combination of the two colors and techniques will look naturally glowing.

Go Bronde. The color you’ll see everywhere this year is neither brown or blonde. What’s great is that it looks different than what we’re used to seeing and can be great for blondes looking to go darker and brunettes looking to go lighter without being too dramatic! This is one I’m totally doing this year as I’ve wanted to go lighter for awhile but have always been afraid so I can now embrace a new look and be comfortable still!

Be Daring! Pastels won’t be going anywhere for 2016 but they will get a revamp. Icy blue-laced-silvers will be great for fair skin tones and for medium or darker tones look for rosy pinks.

Cuts. Vintage-inspired haircuts will be huge this year. Channel your inner Coco Chanel with a cheekbone length bob & keep it chic and current with natural texture (ask for layers if you have pin straight hair). Stunningly refreshing.

Bangin’. Bangs were everywhere on the spring 2016 runways, so you can also expect them everywhere this year. The most current take: brow-grazing fringe.

This year look for gold, glitter, and extra focus on skincare. My personal favorite? Embracing your own individual beauty looks is the biggest trend of the year!

Go for gold! Gold makeup is big this year so embrace your inner glimmer.

Grown up glitter is going nowhere this year! The trick is to keep it in a refined area like only the center of your lid (or risk looking like Ke$ha)

Embrace your beauty. The biggest trend of 2016 is embracing your own inner beauty. Have volumous brows? Make them the star of your look! Have a gap in your teeth? Show it off with bright lipstick. Fair skinned? Let your freckles show through. This is your year to shine!