5 Reasons Your Hair Is Oily

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The hours after a great blowout are amazing! You feel on top of the world with your shiny, bouncy hair. Or perhaps this is you just on a good hair day. Nevertheless, it seems hair goes from great to grease rather quickly these days and seemingly without warning.

You may think it’s just your hair type but every single person out there deserves-and can get- healthy hair without being overly oily! Here are 5 reasons your hair is looking more oily than it should.

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  1. You’re washing too often.
    Contrary to popular belief you shouldn’t be washing your hair every day. In fact, over washing strands can be counterproductive when it comes to oil. Modern day shampoos are made to clean the hair and scalp but can actually strip your hair of it’s natural oils. When this happens your oil glands actually begin to product more oil! This can leave you with both dry scalp and greasy strands! Total nightmare.

    The good news is this oil production isn’t forever and can return to normal with a little time and patience. Try washing hair every other day and then every two days, and switch to a gentle formula of shampoo. Avoid anything listed as “volumizing” which can be the most harsh on hair and scalp in attempt to make hair weightless. Invest in a dry shampoo when necessary for “off” days.

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  2. Your water is too hot.
    Another surprising reason your strands go limp midday-also linked to oil production- is that your water is too hot when you wash. Hot water is incredibly bad for both skin and hair. It strips moisture and oil from the scalp which -as listed above- causes your body to create more on its own. While water doesn’t need to be freezing, it shouldn’t go above lukewarm either. Try lowering the heat in your showers and reap all the benefits of clean, weightless hair.

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  3. You’re always touching it.
    If you’re one of those people who constantly fidget with your hair (that’s me) be expected to have more shiny strands… in a not so good way. Constantly touching hair transfers oils from your hands to your hair. Try keeping your hands off as much as possible and make sure to keep your hands clean for those times you can’t resist touching your hair. At the end of every night brush through your hair with a boar bristle brush to evenly distribute oils from root to end, this will keep your ends moisturized also!

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  4. You’re not using the right products.
    Hair care products are endless, they can also be super confusing and intimidating! Finding the right one can work miracles but using the wrong one can wreak havoc. Fine to medium hair should use a shampoo/conditioner that is lightweight and balancing, should invest in lightweight mousses, and apply lightweight oils like moringa oil to ends only (i’m a firm believer all hair can use an oil on the ends). Coarse or curly hair can handle a little more moisture so look for moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, cream based products, and heavier oils like argan oil.

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  5. You’re using too much product.
    Not every day needs shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, volume spray, mousse, hairspray, ect. As a daily care routine I’ll use simply a leave in conditioner and lightweight oil to my ends, followed by a heat protectant spray if I’m using a flat iron. If you find yourself using more than that daily you may want to cut back. And always use a clarifying shampoo once a week to get all of those sticky fibers left over from products that not even regular shampoo can erase.



That’s all for now my loves!
Is there anything you do to rid your hair of oil!?
Xo, Miranda

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