7 Ways To “Win” At Valentine’s Day


* Published in Cosmopolitan Febuary 2015 *

1. Keep It “Classy”
If you’re not into hella foofy love stuff, snuggle in the back row of intelligent art-house film RoboCop. Seriously though, I would rather just do something small together that we both love.

2. Go Big Or Go Home
But if foofy is your middle name, embrace V-Day tradition.  It’s the one night you won’t give a crap about being judged for PDA’s. If they stare? Good.

3. Stay In
Rather than trying to get a last-minute res at Chez Fancyface, hit up the little Mexican takeout joint around the corner. Burritos in bed – Bronte-level romance. Its the little things that count.

4. Get Cooking
Join forces with bae to conquer that complicated quinoa-kale soup recipe from your “Yeah, okay Gwyneth” pinterest board. This is seriously my favorite thing to do with my man.  We have some wine, music, and make something new and (usually) delicious.

5. Sweat Hard
Splurge on a trendy workout class you’d normally roll your eyes at. You’ll fall in love! With your emerging six-pack. Because who cares about the “why are you single?” questions if your answer is always “because I’m too sexy”.

6. Bond With A Bestie.
Stay in with your BFF, Thai takeout, and the complete works of Channing Tatum. A romantic foursome: you, her, Chay Tates, and his shirtless torso. Nothing. Better. Ever.

7.Call Your Pinch Hitter
Remember that boring agricultural lawyer you met on Tinder last month who talked too much about crop rotation but was a great bang? Text that guy. It is Valentine’s day after all!