Bright Makeup For A Grey Day

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, I’ve had a lack of motivation/inspiration lately I guess. Honestly work has been … difficult.. recently. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made lots of friends and enjoy working with my direct supervisor but I just don’t think where I am is where I plan to stay.

I think It’s time to start looking around to see what other job positions have to offer. I’m not making any commitments as of yet but I believe that if you find yourself thinking negatively or about possibly backing out of your work commitments it’s only fair to do something about it. I personally would rather a co-worker not waste time pretending and leave last minute, nor do I want to listen to complains and negativity. So I’ve made my choice, wish me luck!

So that being said, I feel less stressed just taking steps to improve my current situation and have some time to post a quick update. I’m a funny kind of person who stresses over the small things, but a little bright makeup can make me feel like a brand new gal.

Here are my favorite color combo’s for right now.

If you have


Fair Skin: Jewel tones look beautiful on you! Rich gem hues make a statement since they contrast with your light skin so try emerald, cobalt, or teal. Just remember to keep everything else neutral when wearing rich shades, no red lips today.



Medium Skin: Bright, electric, shades are perfect for your pull-off-anything skin tone. Pair a super-saturated hot pink, orange, or electic green eye look with matte bronzed to really glow.


     Dark Skin: pastel shades look fabulous on you. Think baby blue, seafoam, pale pink, light yellow, you name it! For the perfect edgy look layer opaque hues over a primer, gloss and go.

Love, Miranda.