Beautiful You: Layering Order

If the first thing you think of when you hear the term “layering” is your favorite plush sweater, you have another thing coming. & If you don’t believe there’s a “correct” way to apply skincare, think again! When you think of your pores think of an empty tunnel, the first ingredients you apply will reach your skin first, be the most potent, and work best. The last ingredients will sit on top & protect. It’s also important to remember that a light product can’t penetrate a heavy, thick one, but a heavy product can still seep through a light layer.

Here is your new skincare routine to maximize effectiveness (day or night).


  1. Essence: The thinnest product. Moisturizes and preps skin for all other ingredients.
  2. Serum: Choose one to address your main skin concern (fight wrinkles, dark spots, anti-aging, refine texture).
  3. Vitamin C: It brightens, protects, and promotes collagen.
  4. A rich Cream: It will seal in all the good stuff and plump fine lines.
  5. Oil: Oils can penetrate creams but not vice versa. Add to dry spots as needed.
  6. Sunscreen: (for day) Your final step even on grey days. Go lightweight to layer over products.



And there you have it! Easy right?


Happy layering!
Xo, Miranda<3