Behind Your Breakouts

It’s spring, It’s Friday, you’re ready for a great weekend, and then surprise- you’ve got a pesky breakout! Breakouts happen to everyone- some people are lucky enough to have them only once a month and others can’t tell you about a day they haven’t had one- they happen to models and doctors, teens and mature adults. It’s important to realize that not all breakouts are the same and each form will need a customized treatment plan. Here’s how to beat your breakouts once and for all.

Breakout: Forehead and hairline.
Inner trigger: This area connects to the digestive system, which can be effected by milk products, processed foods, sugar, and carbs. Try keeping a food diary and if you find that you eat a lot of dairy or junk food, cut it out for a week to see if blemishes improve.

Outer Trigger: Hair in your face. The oil and silicone’s found naturally in hair and also in hair products can clog pores and cause blemishes. To fix this attempt to wash your face every morning with an anti-acne cleanser while at night using a cleansing wipe with salicylic acid which will help keep pores clean. Pin bangs back if you have them prior to snoozing.

Breakout: Around the Eyebrows.
Inner Trigger: These breakouts are linked to liver and kidneys, which can be effected by frequently ingesting alcohol or processed foods, as they can cause inflammation. Try a detox of green juices (kale, cucumber, spinach) to help clean out your liver and re hydrate the body. Lemon water is also said to flush out impurities keeping skin clean.

Outer Trigger: Tweezing/plucking/waxing. Inflammation from these habits can cause around-the-eyebrow-acne. Try to use honey as a spot treatment as it has been found to help with inflammation and is also naturally antibiotic. Apply, leave on for 15 minutes, and then rinse.

Breakout: Cheeks.
Inner Trigger: this area relates to the lungs so pimples here can be caused by smoking or pollution. Good news: antioxidants help to counter act the harmful free radicals that can cause these breakouts (they also help with anti aging and overall health). Apply an antioxidant serum every day, bonus points for trying a zinc supplement which has been shown to calm inflamed skin.

Outer Trigger: Your makeup or skin care can be the problem. Silicone and oil can plug pores and believe it or not your facial soap won’t necessarily remove them. Because makeup is meant to last it needs an extra push to remove so make sure every night you use a make up remover prior to cleansing (i don’t trust 2-in-1 products, keep one of each at hand).

Breakout: Jawline/chin.
Inner Trigger: These can be mostly blamed on hormones (noticing these breakouts around that time of the month?). Talk to your MD about birth control which will regulate estrogen and testosterone levels.

Outer Triggers: Do you always rest your chin in your hands, or find yourself touching that area? Any bacteria on your hands will be transferred to your face so make sure to always wash your hands and keep the touching to a minimal.

Breakout: Nose.
Inner Trigger: This area is associated with the heart, therefore redness here can be stress-related. Try yoga, deep breathing, meditation- anything to keep your stress at bay!

Outer Trigger: Since there are a lot of oil glands here it is prime territory for acne. Tr a salicylic acid based product here which will help to keep pores clear. A weekly sulfur mask can help to cut oil production.