Busy-Girl Beauty Tips


Hey everyone! How’s it going? Today is my day off and it seems when i have a weekday off I always end up doing so much running around. Today alone, I got up early to go to the gym, got ready, stopped to visit a friend, then visited my boyfriend, hit up three grocery stores and a beauty store, cleaned my house, posted a blog, prepped dinner, and am meeting a friend at 5. Whew!

With everybody living such busy lives, multitasking is kind of what we do. I love having a day off during the week because I can get everything on my “to-do” list crossed off with no distractions. Then I can relax for a few days.

But at what cost does all of this multitasking come? Believe it or not, living a life where you’re constantly juggling tasks and technology can have some pretty interesting effects on your skin.

Here ares some beauty snags your busy life can lead you to, and tips on how to avoid them.

You live with big-city pollution.
Though not something you necesarrily inflict on yourself, living in a largely populated city can effect your skin care. High traffic and pollution levels can cause premature aging and spots.

The Fix: you’ve heard to always wash your face at night but it’s especially important if you live in a highly polluted area (think:city). Washing away toxins is an incredibly easy way to protect yourself from early signs of aging. You may also want to look into a day/night cream (whichever you prefer, or both) that includes antioxidants, they’re known to fight the free radicals that come from pollution.

You’re addicted to your phone.

That hourly facebook/twitter/instagram obsession combined with frequent texting may be doing you more harm than you thought. First of all, viewing all of these apps on such a tiny screen causes many people to squint (you probably don’t even notice your doing it) which can cause fine lines around the eyes and furrows above your brows. Secondly, constantly just looking down at a phone can cause neck lines and lose skin. Not exactly something you want.

The Fix: common sense would tell us to put the phones down, but that’s not always easy or practical. Try the practice of instantly relaxing your face muscles the second you open up an app, soon this will be second nature and help prevent lines. Also invest in a good nightly eye cream to fight wrinkles, ones with retinal (if you don’t react negatively to it), and vitamins C and E can rebuild collagen over time. Remember to hold your phone at eye level so that you’re not always looking down and prevent lines with a neck cream with glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids.

You do too much.
So you’re not Superman/Superwoman but you might as well be. Women especially have taken great strides in the workplace over the past few decades and now are attempting to “do it all” by balancing school, work, family, beauty, DVR, you name it! While this is great, it may not necessarily be the best for our skin. If you find yourself sleeping less than 6 hours not only are you harming your body and possibly damaging your metabolism, but you also are damaging your skin. Not getting enough sleep leaves skin puffy, sallow, or irritated (which leads to wrinkles).

The Fix: Set yourself an alarm to remind you it’s time to go to bed, keep a notebook by your nightstand to write down any thoughts or worries that may be keeping you up and vow to do them tomorrow, and avoid TV or cellphone light 1-2 hours (at least) before bed. Apply an overnight mask once a week for deep hydration so you’re skin always looks fresh.

You try every beauty product known to (wo)man.
Wanting to try new products is great, I do all the time! How else would we know which products work wonders? The downside is  -especially if you have sensitive skin- you may be exposing yourself to wrinkle-causing inflammation. Many people are especially more likely to do this if they’ve bought an expensive skin care products that causes them irritation or to break out.

The Fix: Don’t force yourself to use a product that is damaging your skin! I say bring it back to wherever you got the product, inform the sales person of your problem, and ask for anything more suited for your skin. When I worked as a makeup artist/skincare consultant we saw this all the time and were plenty happy to swap products for something that will work for you! If you do have a reaction you’ll want to detox your skin. That means not using any products that contain sunscreen, fragrance, or a large list of ingredients (even if you normally tolerate them). Once skin calms down you can return to your daily routine.

Anything I’ve forgot? What’s your biggest skin concern?

Xo, Miranda<3