Crushing On: Shimmer & Shine

Here’s the thing about working retail during the holiday season: you start prepping late October and live vicariously through your customers. It may not sound appealing, but I actually love it. The second those sparkily, special edition, carefully selected beauty displays come out I am ready to celebrate (and spend). Friends and family come into our shop with their red cups & holiday cheer and you can really feel the excitement in the air.

So this may be a little early, but I am currently obsessed with all things shimmer & shine. This time of year I love to add a little extra sparkle whenever I can.. and this year it’s actually incredibly on trend. You can bet you’ll find me in something glittery for family events & gatherings, running errands & shopping, and on each holiday event.

Here’s what I’m loving currently.


  1. Wine Top 2. Navy Tee 3. Sequin Bomber 4. Pastel Midi 5. Shimmery Leggings 6. Sequin Skirt 7. Fringe Mini 8. Shimmery Midi 9. Sequin Cami

When trying these out yourself might I recommend pairing them with fur, velvet, leather, or a non-textured item in the same color family? This way you can avoid looking like the dreaded disco ball.

Shine on,
Xo, Miranda<3