Crushing On: Spring Fashion

Happy Monday guys. I don’t know about you, but I was certainly feeling the Monday Blues today. Here in Upstate NY it was all doomy & gloomy, cold and rainy… Yuck! Maybe it was all the grey, maybe it was stress over my upcoming bridal retreat to a spa for a friend (which I totally can’t afford) but I was totally feeling down today :/

When I have not so great days like today though I remember that like everything else these down feelings are perfectly normal (and needed) and will come and go and leave room for more happiness and moments of “I can’t believe I was feeling so down last week when today is so perfect”. Life is all about balance between up and down so I think today I’ll make a small list of things I’m grateful for and a small list of 3 small changes I can make to make sure tomorrow’s better.

That’s all for the negative talk for me, whew! I feel much better 🙂

On a more positive note, how great is spring? Budding flowers, green grass, warmer temperatures (sometimes, ha). Spring is a great time to reinvent yourself and your wardrobe. It’s a freeing time: shorts, bright colors, new everything.

My Personal Favorites


Bold Accessories:

BeFunky Collage

  1. Dior Granville Collection Watches, assortment of colors, price by request only… because a girl can dream. 2. Swarovski UN bracelet, bonus: 30 percent of each profit goes to helping keep women safe across the country ($89) 3. A bright, flat, satchel like This one by Michael Kors ($1290) 4. Any bright, pom/Aztec/tassel sandal…. These from Dolce & Gabbana are a little much, but you get the point.


Spring Staples

BeFunky Collage

1. Anything fringe.. or suede… or Both 2. Anything with Tassles, similar but oh-so-different 3. Anything Off-The-Shoulder, like Here 4. Bell sleeves, they’ll be everywhere so give Them a try!


That’s all for now loves,
Happy Shopping!
Xo, Miranda<3