Crushing On:Winter Coats

Yup, it’s that time of year again. You know.. when it could be 70 or it could be 30? Well, at least up here in the Northeast. It’s really a good thing though because you get an excuse each year to update your wardrobe to something warmer, because no matter where you live the temperatures will drop eventually.

You don’t have to bulk up to warm up though. This season’s outerwear ranges from sleek to furry (or faux), to full on puffer. Really nothing is off limits so let your creativity go wild!

Here are my favorite outerwear pieces of the season.


  1. Mango Leopard 2. Ralph Lauren Camel 3. Topshop Puffer 4. H&M Faux Fur 5. Express Peacoat 6. Zara Faux Fur 7. Michael Kors Puffer 8. Zara  Leather Jacket 9. Michael Kors Anorak


That’s all for now loves.
Stay warm,
Xo, Miranda<3