Do you ever have those days..

.. Where you feel like you’re stuck in some melodramatic rom-com, waiting for the happy ending? Yeah, it’s one of those days. Thankfully, I get to meet with friends and family tonight for dinner and drinks. And of course, there’s always a bright lipstick to cheer you up!

While it’s still undecided where were going to eat, I was inspired to do a post on etiquette as once again it is a very important virtue to have. How you present yourself to the world can open (or close) many doors. Here’s how to survive any dining occasion.
Dining Etiquette 101 Infographic
While eating out it is important to remember table manors. A few things I love (taken by

Arriving. Greet the host kindly. If there is a wait, don’t make a huge fuss. It’s up to you to decide whether or not it’s worth it. Restaurants get busy and it’s not the host’s fault.

Napkins. Once you are seated, place your napkin onto your lap with the crease facing you. If the napkin is particularly large, you may fold it in half again. Never take your drink or begin eating without placing your napkin on your lap. When you leave the table or get up for the restroom, fold your napkin (try to hide any food stains you may have left) and place the napkin to the left side of your place setting. (You can thank the 18th Edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette for these tips.)

Menu signals. When you’re settled in, it’s time to look over the menu. Once you have decided what you want to order, close your menu and place it in front of you–this will signal to the wait staff that you are ready to order.

The wait staff. I think a lot of people forget their manners when it comes to the wait staff at a restaurant. It’s important to be appreciative of their service. After all, isn’t it nice to be attended to? Look your waiter in the eye when ordering or asking for something and always say your please and thank yous!

Table tools. When selecting which utensil to use for each course, start with the outermost utensil and work your way in.

The bread basket. If a breadbasket graces your tabletop, tear off one piece and place it onto your bread plate. If you want to butter your bread, take a pat of butter and put it onto your bread plate so you have your own personal butter stash. Never butter your bread directly from the shared butter dish. It’s rude. Finally, tear your bread into bite size pieces and butter as you go.

No matter where you go, dining out can pose a problem for those trying to eat healthy or diet. I’ve been there, you’ve done well all day- or week/month- and when the menu gets placed in front of you you head right to the least healthy dish possible and dig in. While this is perfectly acceptable, if you are the kind of person that feels guilty afterward or are looking to avoid this dining trap, here are some tips to help.

1. Drink Responsibly: Drinks can make or break your diet while dining out, an average soda at a restaurant can run 140-165 calories, and alcoholic beverages also will add up. Best to stick to water (hold the lemon- most contain unpleasant bacteria facts, google if you don’t believe me-yuck) and if you do chose to have an alcoholic beverage it’s best to stick to 2 max that way you can enjoy your food, company, and not be tipsy while trying to make a responsible dinner choice!

2. Order steamed, grilled, or broiled dishes instead of those that are fried or sautéed.  Try and incorporate veggies into your main dish and/or sides, and avoid anything fried.  Fish like salmon or tilapia will be generally more healthy or a lean chicken breast where as creamy pasta dishes can add up quickly.

3. Enjoy & indulge. If it’s what you want then have it! You can always continue on with your life and diet tomorrow. Special occasions should be just that- special. Allow yourself to indulge in a piece of bread or a saucy dish and know that it won’t be the end of the world. Besides, they say depriving yourself leads to worse diet mistakes so bon apatite

  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 tsp your favorite lip balm

Combine all ingredients & apply. Let sit for 3 minutes and gently exfoliate for one minute. Remove with cloth. Easy, cheap, effective exfoliant.