Easy Tips For (Clearance) Shopping Online

I’ve learned there’s NOTHING that compares to getting a good deal on something you want. I’ve also learned that usually when it comes to online shopping you can end up with a cart worth hundreds of dollars. Online shopping can be like window shopping except you don’t feel pressured to buy & can do it from the comfort of your own home. It’s basically a perfect idea until you get a box full of items you don’t recall ordering or that don’t fit/are hideous.


Look For Quality.
Not all clearance items are created equal. Look at the materials and fabric your item is made of to ensure your cheap buys aren’t… actually cheap looking & made. The best thing about the clearance section is that you can find really well made items and snag them when they’re at a low price. Check out the user ratings and reviews before you buy. A quick browse can save you a lot of disappointment.


Choose Items You’ll Need/Use.
Online shopping is no different than regular shopping in the sense that you should come prepared. Knowing what you actually need & will use is key to avoiding spending way too much money on things you’ll never wear. It’s tempting to pick out really different and fun items -but lets face it, you can’t see them in person. Knowing you need say a dress & a pair of sandals will prevent you from leaving with a coat, bikini, coffee cup, and pants. I always know I’ll need bikinis in the summer so in December I scour the web for items that are affordable & I’m guaranteed to use. Save yourself the hassle of attempting to return something you got online and stick to what you need.


Choose Classic Items.
Since a lot of these items are from the previous season, it’s usually not worth picking up something that is trendy unless you’re sure it’ll be trendy next year. For instance if you’re online shopping velvet sweaters from fall 2017 you better hope they’re still in by the time you use them in 2018. Instead focus on finding those rare gems like a 70% off cashmere you’ve wanted forever.


Have Restraint.
Most stores will do just about anything to keep your business since there is so much online competition. If your site allows it add items to your cart & then leave without clicking buy. Most sites will send you a coupon to return within a few days. The only exception is if you have items that you believe might not be available in a few days that you really want. Once these items are gone you wont likely find them again so maybe save this tactic for things you’re on the fence about. A little extra incentive never hurt anyone right?
Pick Your Stores Right.
Mistakes happen. That fur coat was wayyyy too big. Returning items is so much easier when you shop at a store that also happens to exist in the real world near where you live. I love shopping at Express online because there’s 2 stores within 20 miles of me so if I need to I can instantly return items.
Size Check.
Lot’s of stores like Nordstrom Rack have a built in size checker so that you’ll know if an item runs true to size or not. For instance, I recently selected a dress in medium because I wasn’t sure if it would be too small and a little box popped up telling me this item runs large and perhaps I ‘d want to downsize. Sure enough when I changed the order to small & got it in it was the perfect size. Not all sites offer this feature but it’s so worth shopping at one that does have it to make sure your items actually fit when you get them.


And Lastly…

Don’t Drink & Browse.
Retweet to save a life. The LAST thing you wan’t to do is open a bottle of Pinot & shop your heart out. I mean… unless you really want a box of ugly Christmas sweaters for next year’s holiday season.


What are your tips for online shopping?


Xo, Miranda<3