Find Your Perfect Scent


I’m kind of a perfume addict. I have bottles collecting on my night stand, own a scent for every mood, and will spend my last dollar chasing my current obsessions. It’s great to be able to express your personality through scent, and I love it when people compliment me on what I wear (my latest obsession: the sultry new Versace Eros)

But what if you don’t have a signature scent? What if you don’t know what fragrance notes really appeal to your particular palate? Each person will have different perfume tastes, and each perfume will smell slightly different on other’s due to your own natural pheromones (the hormones that create your natural scent-yes everybody has one). Here’s how to tell what will be your best fragrance fit, Can you tell which one I am?

You’re a Floral Type If

  • You love the polished, refined vibe of Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn.
  • You prefer a stroll through a country garden to a walk in the woods.
  • You’re drawn to powdery lotions and potions-elegant and feminine.


Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana. I Love this perfume it’f white floral notes come across so elegant and romantic. I swear you’d think you were walking through a garden of flowers! Plus, such a cute bottle!

Extraordinary by Oscar De La Renta. For the perfect combination of floral and woody. The top notes are floral, with an incredibly fresh vibe. Follow up with base notes of woods for a delicate yet sultry vibe.

Misia by Chanel. For a deep, powdery feel. This scent is a bit strong, to match the personality of any strong woman who loves florals.

You’re A Fresh Type If

  • You spend weekends outdoors.
  • You don’t mind wearing something androgynous.
  • You love citrus anything-candles, soaps, laundry detergents, candies.


Versace Eros for Women. If you follow my blog, you know about my Versace obsession and I’m OBSESSED with this fragrence. It’s sexy, fresh, and bold with top notes of citrus and base notes of deep sandalwood.

Ralph Lauren Fresh. A bright, citrus scent. This fragrence makes me think of a long summer spent by the beach.

Balenciaga Paris. For a clean, energetic scent. This is a balanced fragrence of violet, with woody undertones.

  • You’re A Warm Type If.

  • You’re unafraid of siren red lipstick and a smoky eye.
  • Your dream vacation is to Marrakech or Istanbul.
  • You love intense flowers-decadent spicy or sweet foods like sticky toffee pudding.


Black Opium by YSL for an exotic and rich scent. Made with spicy florals, warm vanilla, and coffee this scent is sure to turn heads!

Lancome La Nuit Tresor Eau De Parfum. Sweet and spicy with notes of patchouli and fruitty sweet notes.