Fitness Post

Real creative name right? Ha, I try! SO happy Saturday guys 🙂 I hope everyone is doing fabulously today. I am in a super chipper mood because finally after a whole week I don’t feel sick… which means I have an abundance of energy – yay!!

So sometimes I think of things to post at random and will write them down like if I’m at work or at the gym & then next thing you know I have this super long list written down and have to choose between so many fun categories. I am absolutely terrible about making decisions so when choosing between a fashion post or a fitness post or a beauty post takes forever. Clearly, today I chose a fitness post.

I got up at 8 O’clock today (like I said.. lots of energy) and got straight to the gym. I had a nice long cardio session and an ab workout. Later when Elliott gets home we’ll go on a long run by the water. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this… but I am actually starting to enjoy running! I swear I was always the child who walked the mile in gym class every year and would refuse to run whether indoors or outside it was all terrible and just hurt. Now after some practice and patience though I can honestly say I am no longer in pain while running and really am starting to look forward to it.

Anyway, I digress. The reason for this post was to shed a little insight on the many types of classes that your local gym may have to offer. I know picking a group class can be intimidating but it is a GREAT way to really commit to a workout and meet new friends & I can promise that nobody will make fun of you even if you don’t know what you’re doing. Group classes are incredibly fun and will make you look forward to your next workout. Here are the basics:

Barre Class.
Who it’s for: everyone! because you can tweak your movements (I.E. lift your leg an inch rather than all the way to your hip) everyone can participate.  Your body will thank you with defined abs, butt, inner & outer thighs. Just like a ballerina.
What to expect: while this class isn’t super cardio-oriented, you will have lots of repetition so expect to have shaking muscles in the end. The moves may feel strange at first but you will catch on quickly and after a few classes everything will start to click. Also, take a spot in the middle so that if the class switches sides you aren’t leading the class!
What to wear: body hugging clothing is best for this class. You’ll want something that’s not too loose as you will be moving quite a bit, this will also help the instructor see your form. You’ll also likely need socks (preferably with grips on the bottom for traction) as you generally don’t wear your sneakers during class.

Who it’s for: If you’re a beginner seek out a “beginners hatha or lyengar” class, for more advanced yogis look for “hot” or “vinyasa” yoga. You will be rewarded with more flexibility and balance as well as more strength and less stress.
What to expect: beginners should arrive early & bring your own mat, look for a spot in the middle or towards the sides.. not the front. The instructor will guide you through a series of motions and poses to work your upper and lower body linked to breathing techniques.
What to wear: form fitting clothing such as (predictable) yoga pants and a camisole. You don’t want your baggy t-shirt hanging embarrassingly while your in downward dog.

Who it’s for: anyone with two feet!  Whether you can dance like JLO or have no rhythm at all you can do Zumba. This cardio-based class will leave you in a sweat with burning up to 300 calories an hour!
What to expect: this high intensity class is fun for all and even if you don’t quite get it at first the classmates have all been in the same boat and are ready for fun. The instructor teaches you a choreographed routine filled with salsa, merengue, and hip-hop moves to loud, fun music. If you are struggling with the moves, just stick to the footing and add your arms later.
What to wear: You don’t want to be tripping over long pants or having to worry about anything too loose while attempting to master the moves. Stick with leggings and -a must- sneakers!

Who it’s for: someone who wants to get in a killer workout as you’ll be burning as much as 500 calories per class!
What to expect: loud music, dimmed lights, and a high-energy-instructor calling out commands to alter your position, resistance, and pedal speed.  Beginners should arrive early to have the instructor adjust your handlebars & seat. If you’re worried about keeping up sit in the back at first, nobody will notice you’re peddling slower.
What to wear: avoid flared pants as you don’t want them catching on your bike.


That’s all for now, I hope I could help a bit and inspire you to try a new fun fitness class!
Xo, Miranda <3