Go Out With A Bang.

If you haven’t caught on, I’m kind of fixated on New Year’s Eve this year. This is due partially to the fact that I have zero idea what I’ll be doing this time tomorrow (dinner, bar, staying at home with close friends?). To be honest though I love the idea of reflecting on your previous year and entering a new year with renewed motivation and a clean slate. Anything is possible, it’s magical.

Some of my fondest memories are of New Year’s Eve, my family would always decorate, prepare lots of food and drinks, and all of our closest friends and family would gather together (about 40 people) and watch the ball drop. As a child, this was truly awesome because I got to see all of my friends at once and it was this grand party. I would love to someday carry on this tradition so that my family can enjoy such memories.

Here are a few ideas if you decide to host this year!
the perfect palate
I think this is an absolutely adorable idea for a small gathering. Everyone gets a personal bottle of champagne and a straw to sip through, makes everything easy for the guests and is just so festive. Black, white and gold has always been a favorite color palate of mine so this works perfectly.

A picture lasts a thousand words, or so they say! A great way to remember this new year is to create a festive back drop out of sequins, garland, you name it! Guests can pose, snap, and upload before the ball drops.

Tips For A Fantastic Party:
1. Create the perfect playlist ahead of time. Nothing is worse than that one friend who (maybe influenced by champagne) decided to hijack the music and (potentially) kills the vibes. Prevent this by creating a specific music plan that accounts for the natural progression of the evening. Start off with lively background music as guests arrive, then switch to loud, dance tunes to kick off the party. As things start to simmer down, clue your guests in with quieter, more soothing songs.  Some song suggestions to get people moving: Feel this moment by christina aguilara and pitbull, Dance again by Jlo and Pitbull, blurred lines by robin thicke, hot in here by nelly (gotta love a throwback) or reference http://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-100 for 2014’s hottest hits.

2.Create a special house cocktail. You probably don’t have a fully stocked bar at home. No worries. Fool your guests into thinking you went all out for them by creating a specialty cocktail using only a few ingredients. This will also help you save money. Sangria is always an easy fix, but you can find more challenging recipes here. (taken from ibtimes.com)

3. Make sure guests have plenty to eat. Always make sure that when drinking plenty of food is available, and while I don’t reccomend a formal dinner, plenty of snacks should be out for guests to help themselves. Serving suggestions that are always a hit: chips, cheese, nuts, veggies, even fondue (hint: pairing cheese with wines also will be a hit)

4.Style a Chic Cheese Plate

Keeping the fare light on New Year’s Eve is a good idea, especially since the party will go do late and people will probably eat beforehand. Cheese and crackers are always a go-to, but organizing a chic cheese plate with a variety of cheeses, fruits, complementary sides and crackers isn’t as difficult as it sounds. I have my top tips for arranging a party-ready cheese plate, using gourmet cheeses from the American Cheese Gift Basket from 1-800-Baskets.

I LOVE this idea. Create your own personal party poppers for when the ball drops!

  • Plastic confetti poppers
  • Confetti
  • Tissue paper
  • Scissors and tape
  • Individually-wrapped candy (optional)

    Step 1: Cut strips of tissue paper into 2 inch and 1 inch strips.

    Step 2: Fold the strips several times and then cut into one side of the folded strips (long side), making sure not to cut all the way through.

    Step 3: Unfold the strips and start wrapping around the popper, starting from the bottom, taping as you go as necessary.

    Step 4: Use the 2 inch strips for the bottom half and the 1 inch strips for the top half.

    Step 5: Add candy and confetti into the popper and you are ready to go!