Health Tips: Why You’re Always Hungry.

Hi guys!! I hope everyone is doing well! I figured I’d do a health post since it’s been awhile and I don’t want my blog to be solely about beauty (though I do lovee the beauty hehe). Also, Elliott’s at softball practice for his team for work. He loves being active and I love getting a group of girl friends together to watch him under the lights in the crisp fall air<3 Now that he is doing this rec league though he practices a lot more I’ll have a lot more time to post. It’s a win-win for everybody 🙂

Healthy eating can get tricky, I for one, will get up bright and early in the morning, eat healthy all day at work, and then the second I get home tune in to my hunger & consume all of the food in my house. My healthy eating all day has now turned into a 600 calorie and 20 grams of fat binge.

Or say you are trying to lose weight but find yourself always hungry and constantly thinking about food.

Here are five reasons why you may find yourself always hungry and how to fix your cravings!

  1. You Skip Protein At Breakfast.
    Here’s Why: Most people on the go end up with a breakfast that is high in sugar and simple carbs (that bagel you got via drive-through runs an average of 48 grams of carbs). Simple carbs and sugars enter the bloodstream quickly and cause a rapid surge in blood sugars creating a “sugar high” followed by a crash in the very near future. If you find yourself more hungry at night or have the urge to snack within an hour of breakfast it’s a good sign you may need to add more protein in the morning.
    The Fix: Add more protein. Protein stabilizes blood sugar and will keep you full and satisfied longer, making it a key component in your breakfast. If you find yourself running late or short on time every day try prepping some meals at the beginning of the week. Try overnight oats with a scoop of protein powder, Greek yogurt with a handful of berries, or boil a batch of hard-boiled-eggs and pair one with a piece of rye toast.
  2. You Cut Too Many Calories.
    Here’s Why: If you read my post Tried & True: Diet Advice, you’ve already heard about the sneaky ways your body will hold on to fat once you start losing weight. Hormones like Leptin will start making you craving crazy. On top of all of that, if you are following a specific diet plan with a calorie requirement you may be doing yourself more harm than good. Keep in mind that not everybody is meant to eat the same amount per day. Consider someone who is naturally more active eating the same as someone who may be more sedimentary. If you are constantly dreaming about food and have recently & drastically cut calories, you should re-evaluate your current diet.
    The Fix: try using a calorie counting app to determine how many calories a day you should be eating. They will take into consideration your height, weight, age, even your lifestyle to give you the most accurate calorie requirements.
  3. You Are All About The Newest Juice Trend.
    Here’s Why: Juices and smoothies may be a good source of nutrients, they may also be very high in sugar (again causing that blood sugar spike & inducing cravings). If you are living off juices and smoothies you may be getting less nutrients, more sugars, and find yourself craving real food. On top of all that your body actually produces a hormone that makes you feel full and satisfied when you chew, the last I checked you won’t be chewing any smoothies anytime soon.
    The Fix: Always include protein in your smoothies (raw almonds, Greek yogurt) and try to keep the juicing to one a day (that’s only if you are craving your daily fix).
  4. You Are Always On Your Phone/Kindle/IPad.
    Here’s why: These devices all emit “blue light” which can increase your hunger starting 15 minutes after you use your device and continuing up to two hours. The theory is that blue light tricks your body into thinking it’s morning and that you should begin fueling up to begin the day.
    The Fix: Try to get out before the sun sets which will make you less sensitive to blue light. Also, look into devices and apps that block blue light (yes, they do exist).
  5. You Look for “less-fat” & “no-fat” Foods.
    Here’s Why: Many products that boast they are low fat will add sugars, salts, and calories into the recipe to make up for the missing fat content. This spells diet disaster for so many reasons & also bloat the next day. Fats will also keep you full longer than carbs and protein because it takes your body longer to digest them.
    The Fix: Aim for 25 to 35 % of your daily calories to come from heart-healthy fats (walnuts, salmon, avocado). If you do purchase something labeled low fat make sure to check the nutritional information first to make sure they don’t contain extra salt and sugars.