Healthy You: Allergies Vs. Colds

Hi Guys! I’m posting with a wonderful view on this beautiful day! It’s sunny, warm, green… so nice. Unfortunately, I’m enjoying this view via a window, from inside.. because I have a cold.. or allergies?

Ever since I got back from Charlotte (post coming soon) I’ve been sniffly, congested, fuzzy, and have had a terrible sore throat. I’ve taken cold medication, allergy medication, sinus medication-you name it I tried it- but to no relief! My theory is that by trying to treat all three possible ailments I never fully treated the one real issue, which is whatever I actually have.

This time of year is tough. The seasons are changing and it’s very likely you’ll catch a cold, allergies, or both! Unfortunately it’s difficult to know the difference between the two as symptoms are usually similar!

Here are some tricks to tell the difference: allergies vs. cold.

Your Symptoms:

Your Nose Won’t Stop Running.
Nasal congestion, sneezing, and a runny nose are all signs of both a cold and allergies. Now for the gross part: if mucus is thick and yellow (yeah, I warned you) you have a cold, if it’s thin and watery it’s allergies. Also, allergy sufferers have been known to sneeze multiple times in a row as a way of removing allergens from the nose whereas those with a cold sneeze less frequently to rid the body of congestion.

Your Eyes Burn, Itch, & Water.
It’s probably allergies. Colds rarely effect your eyes, unless you have pink eye.

Your Whole Body Hurts.
This one’s a cold symptom. Achy muscles and soreness are signs you may have a cold on your hands, though it is worth noting if your allergies are severe you may experience some physical pains.

You Cough Every Minute.
Definitely a cold. A cough relays respiratory distress, which is not a side effect of allergies. Depending on how often you cough or the severity of it you may wish to seek medical advice to rule out other concerns.

You’re Feeling Fatigued.
Both colds and allergies can leave you feeling a bit tired. Keep up on your sleep, stay well hydrated, and check the rest of the symptoms to find out what you have.

Your Throat Is Sore.
It’s likely a cold as sore throat isn’t a common symptom of typical allergies. However, it IS possible that post nasal drip from allergies can irritate your throat especially if you’re constantly clearing your throat.

You Have A Fever.
You definitely don’t have allergies, or if you do it’s also accompanied by something else. Allergies don’t cause a fever. You probably have a cold.


So I hope this helped you! It certainly helped me!

Have great weekends my loves,
Xo, Miranda<3