How-To Tuesday: Waxing 101


So I’ve officially been in school for two weeks & figured I’d give you guys an update. I’ve already learned so much and I’d be lying if I told you it didn’t totally stress me out… but it’s worth it. I chose Paul Mitchell because I knew they’d push me, that they’d be on top of all of the newest trends, and that my classmates would be serious about their work.

Boy was I right. I find that my classmates are incredibly talented, and in such a small class I’m left feeling subpar. Mostly though, I can’t stop comparing myself to my awesome classmates. Don’t get me wrong, I love them.. we’re already close friends, but I’m with a guy who’s been doing styles for all of his friends/school plays, the girl who’s been coloring her hair all kinds of crazy colors since she was 13 and gets crazy compliments 24/7, and a woman who already went to cosmetology school.

Sorry for the mini rant but I just NEEDED to vent. Not to sound petty, but I’m so jealous of all of them. Therefore I started to read a book on “channelling your inner mean girl” aka the negative voice in your head that tells you you aren’t good enough. I’m LOVING it already! Ill give an update in the future.

woman reciving facial epilation

Now let me fill you in on waxing. Because, seriously, I’m in love already. I never EVER thought I would like waxing.. I hated getting my eyebrows waxed, and am not a fan of putting people in pain. Actually trying it in class I realized it isn’t hard, and if done correctly shouldn’t hurt! I even went to work the other day and purchased a whole wax kit. Today I waxed my legs and upper lip.. so freeing knowing the I will be smooth for weeks & there was minimal pain (I always thought it would hurt more since I’m a pain baby).

Here’s what you need:
– A wax warmer
– An all-purpose wax
– Baby powder
– Cotton balls
– A non-alcohol toner or astringent
– Cloth strips
– Waxing sticks (they look like popsicle sticks)
– A good set of tweezers, and nail scissors
– A wax removing lotion


Important Notes:

First you have to determine whether your hair is the right length for waxing. Let’s take your legs for instance, You’ll want hair longer than 1/4 inch but no longer than 3/4 of an inch. Anything shorter than 1/4 inch and you won’t grab any hair (a waste), anything longer and you’ll have a more painful experience.

Second, it’s important to mention that certain factors increase your ability to tear your skin (OUCH). If you are currently using Retinol, avoid waxing the area you apply it to (for instance if you use it on your forehead, avoid the upper brow area). The reason for this is that Retinol thins the layers of skin, increasing your odds of tearing skin. Also be wary if you take blood thinners or have had recent sun exposure (sunburn) as this can also cause wax to remove skin.

Lastly, and most importantly, do NOT try to wax the same area multiple times in one sitting. Every time you wax a section you are removing a layer of skin. This is no problem if you do one section one time, but if you attempt multiple times you can end up removing a piece of your facial skin. It can take weeks to regrow and is generally not a risk worth taking.


Precautions aside, here are your steps!

  1. Plug in wax warmer, heat.
  2. Remove all makeup and clean with your non-alcohol toner/ astringent.
  3. Mark brows to the correct shape. Do this by taking a pencil and laying in vertically against your outer nostrils (this is where your brows should start) and make a dot. Next take that same pencil and (starting at the outer nostril) make a straight line to the outer corner of your eye, the end of this line is where your brows should end. Lastly hold the pencil vertically again at the end of your iris looking straight ahead (the iris is where your colored section is, the end is the outer rim), this is where the highest point, or arch, should be.
  4. Brush brows upwards and trim any hairs that are longer than the rest using your nail scissors, brush brows downward and trim in the same manner.
  5. Apply baby powder to cotton ball, pat it on the area you will be waxing. This removes any oils and helps wax adhere to skin.
  6. Stir wax with stick & test to make sure it isn’t too hot by dripping a small drop on inner arm, remove right away by adding a cloth strip and pulling.
  7. Using wooden disposable stick apply the wax to the brow area marked to be removed. Begin nearest to the nose and apply in the direction of hair growth (if hair is growing towards your ear, you’ll want to smooth wax starting closer to the nose and drag it towards your ear & vice versa).
  8. Apply a linen or cloth strip to the wax. Press slightly and rub towards the hair growth, this should be the same direction of the wax you just applied. If you get wax on a section you don’t wish to remove hair from just do NOT apply any strip & use wax remover on that section.
  9. Hold the skin directly outside the corner of the cloth strip where you’ll be pulling. This just makes skin tight and the waxing process less painful.
  10. Swiftly remove strip by pulling in the opposite direction of hair growth. So if you smoothed wax on from left to right, you will be pulling strip from right to left.
  11. Instantly apply pressure after removing strip by placing a finger on the skin where you just waxed. This stops any stinging or irritation.
  12. After doing each eyebrow do the section in between (unibrow territory) hair generally grows upwards so smooth wax from bottom to top, and pull strip from top to bottom.
  13. Using the brow brush comb hair and remove any unwanted hair with tweezers.
  14. Remove any leftover wax by applying wax remover to a cotton ball and swiping from right to left.


These steps applied to eyebrows, but can easily be modified to legs, arms, upper lip, ect by simply continuing to apply in the direction of hair growth and pulling opposite of the direction of hair growth. Skip any steps that involve shaping and move on!


That’s all for now loves
& thanks for listening to my rant!
Xo, Miranda