How To Do Denim… At Work!

It’s Wednesday… AKA just two days until Friday, which for many readers can mean “Casual Friday”. I personally think denim at work can look amazing, polished, and fashion-forward if done right. If you’re lucky enough to work in a work environment that allows jeans at work (be it everyday or on special occasion) it’s important to remember that there is still a fine line between looking put together and like you’re about to hit the bars.

Here are some outfit ideas to keep you in the safe zone.

Option 1: High Waisted Skinnies
 These jeans mimic a form-fitting silhouette that can look very sexy and are great for a day-to-night look. To avoid looking “too sexy” add a tailored blazer and menswear inspired accessories.

Option 2: Feminine Patchwork Jeans
To make a statement at work try these seventies-boho inspired denim paired with ladylike extras.

3: Indigo Trouser
The deeper the better! These jeans fit in easily as well as your black work pants but are a little more fun! Bonus: They work with everything!

Option 4: White Flares
Because it’s almost impossible for these to look inappropriate (please don’t try). White makes everything else stand out so accessorize wisely.