How To Get A Little Bit Richer


Allure April 2015

1.Spend less.
“Negotiate at least one bill. Start by asking your cable company for a better rate. Then call your credit card companies and ask to have late fees waved or your interest rate lowered. Even medical bills are negotiable. Talk directly to the head of the billing department at the medical center. It may take a few calls for them to budge, but stick with it.”
-Nick Lapin TV finance expert and author of Rich Bitch, a financial guide for young women.

2. Be More Confident About Money.
“Follow a personal-finance blog or podcast that focuses on your long-term money goals, like paying down debt or learning about investing. (One I like? Make it a part of your morning routine or commute, and you’ll get more comfortable with important terms and strategies.”
-Shannon McNay, community builder at, a personal-finance site that helps consumers pay off their debt.

3. Stick to a budget.
“Establish two separate bank accounts, or buckets, with separate debit cards. Use one for ‘fun’ money (clothes, entertainment); use the other for fixed expenses (food, utilities). After every paycheck, transfer a set about -say, 10 percent- into your ‘fun’ account. When the fun money runs out, you’ll know immediately!”
-Amanda Steinberg, founder of, a finance and career website for women