How-To Tuesday: Daytime Sparkles

Hey guys, happy Tuesday! It has seriously been forever since I posted a “How-To Tuesday” so I figured today would be a good time to do something. I don’t know a bout you all but I am seriously feeling spring. Like I am dreaming of it every day and it is SO close.

Spring to me means weekend hikes, drinks on our patio, outdoor fires, starting our garden, and all new beauty and clothes. I seriously can’t wait much longer!

My How-To Tuesday is on how to wear sparkles in the daytime! I love a good sparkle. My closet is filled with sparkly dresses, skirts, shirts, all deemed “night appropriate” and saved aside for a special time. But why should they be locked up until dark? Truthfully a little sparkle during the work day helps cheer me up and lift my mood like no other.

Here’s how to make it work:

  • Stick to one color family. 
    For day you’ll want to keep everything streamlined and monochromatic. Think Navy pants and a navy Sequined  top.
  • Chose one item (two tops).
    You don’t want to look like a disco ball at work. For day pick one or two items with some shimmer and keep the rest of your outfit crisp & neutral. Try a Skirt with a sequined panel & a sparkly Necklace or black trousers with a shimmering stripe down the side.
  • Edge it up.
    Lets face it: sparkles are girly. To mix it up and keep it cool try mixing a glittery T-Shirt with a Tweed jacket, or sparkly Sneakers with skinny jeans & a Bomber jacket. It’s all about mixing the fabrics and keeping the outfit grounded.
  • Accessorize wisely.
    If you’re not looking to go all out but still want a little shine in your life add one or two bling-y accessories to your otherwise tame outfit.