How-To Tuesday: The Perfect Blowout

Blowouts: you either hate them or love them. Chances are you love the way your hair looks after getting one at a salon, but can’t quite manage the same effect at home. Oh and it’s borderline painful to even try.

Not anymore! The perfect blowout can be-dare I say- easy? Really, I’m not messing with you. Follow these simple steps (and reference my cheat sheet tips) for an achievable blowout. Share with friends, or keep it a secret… that’ll be the hardest part of your perfect hair from now on.

The Proper Blowout

  1. Start With Product
    Pick your poison: mousse for volume, a cream/gel mix for tight curls, and a serum or oil for smooth & straight (lightweight serum for fine hair, nourishing oil for thick). Reference This chart to see how much of each you need. When selecting a product, make sure to look for the ingredients Dimethicone or Cyclomethicone, which are both types of silicones that coat hair with heat-resistant coating.
  2. Divide & Conquer
    After rough drying (see cheat sheet for more on that) divide hair into 4 sections: left side, right side, back, and crown (the top of your head starting halfway back, save anything closer for your left and right sections). Secure each section with a duckbill clip.
  3. Start In Front
    This is no-doubt the section to start with because it will dry and frizz up the quickest. Using a round boar brush and working in 1 inch sections blow dry hair with your nozzle facing downward (towards the floor as opposed to facing the ceiling) to avoid roughing the hair cuticle, which creates frizz. Pull hair up and back for subtle volume. Work through front two sections, and hit the back last. Make sure you have enough hair to fill the brush, but not so much that its spilling over the sides.
  4. Hit It Again
    When you think you’re done make sure to blast it for 5 more minutes, your hair probably isn’t 100% dry yet.. and when it’s not 100% dry it is prone to -you guessed it- frizz. After your 5 minutes are up, switch to cool mode (if your dryer has it) to seal the cuticle flat and promote shine.
  5. Finish Up
    Finish up with hairspray if you’re going to be out all night and need to look good in pictures, just make sure to spray from 10 inches away and your strands will stay in place. If you want a little more natural movement just mist a shine spray all over.. stick to the 10 inch rule still to avoid looking like a grease ball.


Your Cheat Sheet
That all depends on your hair type. Ionic dryers minimize frizz and smooth, so if you have thick/textured hair go all out, if you have fine/thin hair pass (it’ll make you flatter).

Speed It Up
Cut drying time by holding blowdryer (not your brush) with your non-dominant hand. It might feel strange at first, but you’ll have better control of heat & air flow this way and get the job done MUCH quicker than if you held the brush with your dominant hand. To really speed things up try a blow dry spray like This one from Kenra, which cuts drying time in half.

Soaking Wet Vs Slightly Dried?
If your hair is very curly, textured, or African American hair, start blow drying when hair is still dripping, as any chance to frizz will be taken here. For everyone else towel off and then rough dry till your hair is about 70 to 80% dry. This will make the entire blowout process faster.

What Is A Rough Dry?
Rough drying is simply blasting your strands with your dryer and raking your fingers through your hair. You don’t need a brush to rough dry, in fact, you shouldn’t use one to prevent extra damage & keep things going quickly.

Which Type Of Brush Should I use?
Whether you’re going for voluminous or sleek, go with a round brush. A one inch brush is small enough to avoid pageant volume while also avoiding too-flat hair that a paddle brush can give you. Look for an all boar brush if you have thin/fine hair, and a boar/synthetic mix if your hair is medium/thick.

What About My Bangs?
Bangs are known to be tricky. Avoid a brush entirely here as a round brush can appear too 80’s and a paddle will make them flat to your face. Instead, use your fingers to push strands side to side under medium heat until dry. You can flat-iron afterward if desired. Also make sure to avoid product when blow drying your bangs as they should not be weighed down.


Any other questions?
Leave them in the comments & I’ll be glad to answer!

Xo, Miranda<3