Lashes, Lights, and more!

I am super ready for the holidays! How about you? Did I mention I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve? Well, here’s a post for any late minute necessities.

1. Why you need false lashes.

They make you look wide awake, younger, and are so totally fun. A few well placed lashes on the corner of your eyes give a magical lift making you look wide-eyed and alert. Did I mention they’re incredibly sexy, and can completely transform your look.

1. CURL: curl your lashes prior to applying mascara or lashes to avoid any sticking or pulling.
2. COAT: Chose a lengthening formula and apply two coats, waiting at least 30 seconds in between to avoid clumping.  Afterwards run a clean mascara wand through lashes to further diminish clumps.
3. APPLY: Put a drop of tinted lash glue onto a clean surface or the back of your hand. Pick up cluster or individual lashes with either the included tool or a pair of tweezers, wait 45 seconds or until the glue is slightly tacky and dip the root of the falsies in. Place falsies at the base of your lashes (they shouldn’t be touching skin).
4. LINE: apply three or four clusters moving from the middle of the eye outward, with short ones reaching closer to the nose and longer at the outer edges.

How To Eat Less Without Dieting. Heres how to lose weight by making small lifestyle changes (no sacrifices needed).

1. Clean Up: one more reason to keep your area clean. Studies show that people can consume 44 % more snacks in an unkept kitchen than those sitting in an identical clean kitchen. Thats a high percentage! Keep things light by keeping fresh fruit and veggies out in bright bowls, keeping cluttering mail out of the area in an organizer, and always keeping dishes clean and put away.

2. Choose Better Dishes: im sure you’ve already heard that its best to eat out of smaller, darker, high contrasting plates and bowls.  This makes it more apparent how much you’re serving (or overserving) yourself. Stick to plates around 9-11 inches any smaller can encourage seconds, any larger can prompt you to overserve.

3. Look On The Bright Side:any negative thoughts can influence your calorie count. It has been found that mentioning something happy before dinner can decrease calorie consumption by 11%. Think of something positive, what you’re thankful for, somethkng you like about yourself, a good thing that happened today. Hey, it’s worth a try.

4. Dont Snack At Your Desk: a study has found that people who keep candy at hand in the office can weigh 15 pounds more than those who dont. If youre hungry eat a light snack abd distract yourself for 15 minutes, by then the craving should pass.

5.Chew it up: gum can kill cravings because it can reduce you’re ability to imagine how certain snacks can taste. A recent study has shown shoppers who chew gum while shopping for groceries bought 7% less junk food.

Thats all for now 😀

Tomorrow marks a busy day, were traveling to boy friends mothers and staying the night surrounded by great people, food, and wine. Then over to my families for christmas. I have Friday off. Perfecttt

What are your plans for the holidays?