Lazy Sunday

This is my favorite time of year for Sunday’s because everything LITERALLY slows down. It’s cold and theres minimal sunlight setting the perfect stage to get a few things done in the morning and then relax and prepare for Monday. Today me and beau got up early, went to the gym, then came home and ate breakfast but normally we have our special sunday diner we go to followed by a walk through the woods along the water with the dogs and then i usually sit under the sunlight and read on our loveseat. Perfect.

Sunday’s are the perfect day for internet browsing so ive compiled a list of my favorite links of the week!

1. Every day mistakes that cause early aging.

2.For some easy, cheap, and fun diy pampering: home made citrus body scrub.

3.Because its Sunday funday and we still need to maintain our shape. Skinny Cocktails.

4. For anyone who loves to clean on Sundays.

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks

5.Because Mondays suck and people oversleep, but looking good makes everything a little better. Hairstyles that look good, take 5 minutes are a life saver.