Life Lately

Hey everyone I just figured I’d give you all a little update since it’s been a full two weeks of barely posting! I hope you’re all doing well & are having great days

This has been the most stressful time at school so far… and probably ever! Paul Mitchell is set up that the first 2 months are classroom setting only, with a little bit of hands on each day using a mannequin head, then you head onto the floor and take real clients! In order to graduate from the classroom to the clinic floor though you have to take a 3 day test on everything you’ve ever learned to date. I got a 99 on my written exam and completed my practical in great time but of course I still stressed and studied like crazy! In two weeks I begin taking clients and boy am I nervous! I feel theres still so much I need to learn and “perfect” when in reality a lot will be up to chance! Ahh.

Work has been interesting. My pregnant coworker (who I’ve been friends with for years) and distracted manager are in a battle of laziness where both complain about how little the other does. It’s hard being the middle person and I’m treading very lightly. We also transferred in an employee from another local store… she was having trouble with her manager there and came to my store. The bright side is she has 40 hours and works nights and weekends so hopefully the manager will stop messing with my schedule now. The negative side: she is mopey, eyore like, controlling, and turns the radio from normal music to bad 80’s music when I go to the bank everyday. We shall see…

I just got in a new lash growth serum that I’m testing right now for an upcoming product review. I also just was sent a new dry shampoo, leave in conditioner, and anti humidity serum that I’m excited to try. I’m working on trying to stick 100% to my skincare routine even on school days.. which can be hard at 11 pm after a 15 hour day.I believe consistency is the key though so I’m trying hard here haha. Also I’m looking for a fantastic facial exfoliant, any ideas??

Home Life.
Life as always has been great! I am so grateful for the awesome people I have in my life, Elliott especially. He’s the glue that keeps my life together and the one I can constantly dump all of my worries on and know hell always be there. I’m also being more social now that school and work are balancing out a bit so on the weekends I have more time to really have fun!


Health & Fitness.
So this week I’ve slacked… kind of. I didn’t go to the gym any of my normal mon-thurs days because I wanted to dedicate my full time to my test days. I also didn’t meal prep this week and was forced to get take out every day.. I got salads, but my salads include lots of cheese, meat, nuts, and dried fruit so they’re not exactly healthy haha. I got a new foam roller though and it’s made a crazy difference with my workouts! I highly recommend it.

So hows your week going?

Xo, Miranda.