Look Cool (Even When It’s Hot)!

Hey guys, happy Tuesday! It has been a loonnggg day at work but I’m super excited because A. I get to go home to my lovely boyfriend (and hopefully my clothes/shoes I ordered) B. I plan to get a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio and cook a fun dinner with Elliot tonight &C. I only have 7 more days at this job until my week off and then starting at my new one (but who’s counting?)

Anyways, I’m sure Y’all have been feeling the heat. It’s incredibly hot in upstate NY so I can’t even imagine places that are naturally more warm. Hence why I ordered all new skirts and dresses online!

Here are some tips to look cool, no matter the temperature.

1. Keep a Fresh Face. 

  • Skip a rich moisturizer (unless prescribed by your derm) as the extra unneeded oils can cause breakouts as well as effect your makeup’s longevity. Try a gel-based formula which will hydrate without buildup.
  • Keep a good primer at hand for days you know you’ll be spending a lot of time in the heat (wedding, BBQ, ect) I love this Clinique Superprimer, as it comes in a variety of formulas to balance out any skin problems (redness, dullness, uneven pigment, ect)
  • Switch to a long-wearing foundation for summer, and apply with a damp sponge for a dewy finish. Full face of makeup? Not for summer.

2. Long Lasting Lips

  • Line entire mouth with a pencil that mimics your natural shade, then top with a tinted SPF lip balm such as Sugar Lip from Sephora.
  • Bonus points: to keep lip color from sliding away trace the rim of your mouth with your concealer, using a brush. This will keep the product in place.

3. Protect Your Skin

  • Don’t forget the skin on your neck and chest (it’s the thinnest and most susceptible to damage). Use a broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher daily, and reapply every 2 hours while outdoors.

4. All About Eyes

  • For an easy eye take a waterproof black pencil and make a simple cat-eye by drawing a thin line along your top lids, then add a slight sweep at the end. Smile then look at the outer corner of your eye, that’s where you’ll want the liner to extend to!