Makeup Tips: Bombshell Beauty

Hello everyone and happy TGIF! I hope you all have exciting weekends planned ūüôā I have today off so were heading back up north to pick up my ring (had it re-sized & cleaned) and probably grab lunch/shopping! I follow a lot of bloggers on Snapchat and¬†Instagram¬†and was oh so envious of everyone who was invited to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Therefore in honor of the walking of the VS runway by the world’s most stunning women, I figured I’d share my tips for creating your own bombshell beauty. To me, being a bombshell isn’t just one thing but rather a combination of things that could make any girl the most gorgeous in the room. That’s right, you don’t need to be born a model to be a bombshell (or get the guy) but rather you should care for yourself in a certain manor.

To be a bombshell you need:

  1. Bombshell Makeup.

    Every angle needs kissable lips.

    For the perfect pout make sure to stay Hydrated¬†which will ensure your lips remain smooth and full (dehydration causes flakes, wrinkles, and temporary shrinkage-not sexy). Moisturize daily with a lip balm containing beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, jajoba oil, or vitamin E and avoid anything menthol-smelling or with fragrence which can irritate and dry out. Exfoliate up to twice a week with an¬†Exfoliating treatment to get rid of any flakes.¬†¬†& to get the perfect bigger-looking lips naturally check out my¬†Favorite¬†Tutorial. A general easy trick is to line above your “cupids bow” with a lip liner that’s one to two shades darker than your natural lip color and taper then¬†as you continue the line out towards the corners of your mouth, taper the line down to meet up with your natural lip line. Make sure to fill any gaps with the same liner & finish with a matte lipstick & gloss.

    Recreate the perfect smokey eye 

    The perfect smokey eye is easy enough for even beginning beauty gurus. 1. sweep a light base all over your lid with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. 2.chose your favorite matte dark color (make it interesting with¬†Navy,¬†Plum, or¬†Smoke) and using an eye shadow brush apply the color from the top lash line into the crease across the lid. 3. Build the color so it is even & deep. 4. do a very light application of the color so it creates a soft wing extending just beyond the lid in a “v” 5. to give depth apply black liner all the way across the lid 6. finish with your favorite mascara (I recommend one coat of thickening/lengthening and one coat curling).

    Bronze Goddess

    No angel is complete without a healthy “glow”.Fake this naturally with bronzer. For light skin tones chose a shade with a hint of pink, medium tones go with a brownish-pink, ¬†medium-dark girls chose a brown-ish coral, and deeper skin tones chose a dark brown bronzer with either red or deep blue undertones (depending on if you’re warm or cool toned).
    For cream/gel formulas begin at the apple of your cheek and blend outward towards the hairline. If desired apply a very light amount around the forehead and nose.
    For powder formulas use a large, flat, brush on the apples of your cheeks. Also dust over nose, chin, neck, and forehead, where the sun usually hits.

    You’re Blushing

    For alabaster & porcelean skin tones pick a pale pastel blush with blue undertones, for skin that tans easily & never burns chose a tawny pink blush with brown undertones, for tan, warm skin tones chose a blush that is almost plum but looks like a rich pink on skin, and for deeper skin chose a redder blush shades like cranberry.
    Types: remember that powder formulas have the easiest application, gels leave behind a pretty sheen, and creams lend to a healthy natural looking glow.

  2. Confidence
    Any girl who parades in front of others in the near-nude needs to have some killer confidence. Worry not, you do not need to strip to your skivvies to gain this kind of confidence. Most men admit that they are drawn to confidence and that it’s incredibly sexy! Here’s how to be the girl in the room that everyone is fighting over to talk to.

    Body Language 

    We all know the basics: don’t slouch, don’t cross your arms, stand up straight, ect. Go a step further and allow yourself to be empowered with simple body language adjustments. Make sure to maintain eye contact for at least 4 seconds when engaging in a conversation, it’s the magic number (anything longer can be too intimidating and anything lesser can project lack of confidence). A smile conveys interest, a slight head tilt shows empathy, relaxing your face shows you are approachable.

    Don’t Stress Over Likes

    Tread lightly on social media. Research has found links in depression and Facebook scrolling (people only tend to post the positive leaving you feeling inadequate) and others have had a correlation in sadness and the amount of feedback you get on posts. So you didn’t get 30,000 likes on your last picture on Instagram? You have so much more to offer than that. Scale back a bit and focus on improving things you love to do.

    Say “Hi”

    This one is simple, when you make it out to a gathering or bar say “hello” to as many people as possible. You don’t have to strike up a conversation, just a simple greeting can put people at ease and show off some major people skills. A major bonus: guys have said time and time again they don’t like approaching a stranger. Think about it, when a hot guy wants to flirt with some one who is he going to approach- the girl he hasn’t said a word to or the girl he shared some fun banter with?

    Ask The Right Questions (& Have The Right Answers)

    Instead of asking yes or no questions or having your average “oh, how long have you worked in real estate” question ask something more emotional to really get your conversation started such as “what do you love most about ____?”. He’ll open up more, you’ll enjoy listening more.. win-win. Also, prepare ahead of time for the “How are things?” question. Most people shy away with a generic answer “oh, you know working a lot, not much” but this is a great opportunity to start a conversation or share some knowledge “oh I just tried the most amazing ____ this week” can go a long way.

  3. Get Luscious Locks 
    Victoria’s Secret models are know for their soft, long, shiny manes. And for a good reason, who doesn’t want full bouncy waves? The sexiest part is that it looks real, touchable, and it’s not impossible to achieve. Here’s how

    Condition, Then Shampoo

    For hair to really appear full and bouncy it has to be free of any residue. Conditioner softens hair but also can hold it back by weighing it down, by shampooing last you cause the cuticle to swell which creates a sexy, messy texture. Chose a basic shampoo & conditioner formula for normal hair so as not to make the hair “too soft” or “too voluminous” or “too moisturized” (if your hair is super dry try a conditioning treatment over conditioner).

    Mousse Is Your Friend

    Blot hair with a towel and spray roots with about ten pumps of light-hold spray then add mousse, lots of it. Chose a voluminous & conditioning formula, squirt product into palm first and then scoop up a comb to distribute it evenly throughout hair. Think an orange sized product for medium or shoulder length hair.

    Get The Right Products

    You’ll want a big, round brush to add body from root to end and you should pick one with natural, gentle bristles to pull through without damage. Also, invest in an ionic blow dryer which will dry hair quicker and with less damage.

    Get Messy 

    When you want a bombshell blowout forget blow drying your hair to a perfect, smooth, style (which removes volume). Instead, take the nozzle from your dryer, set it on high, and shake your fingers through your hair with the barrel pointed downward until hair is 80 percent dry. Next use a round brush to pull hair up and outward. With the nozzle back on, hold the dryer perpendicular to the hair, moving the barrel in a sweeping motion. Once hair is 100% dry set with velcro rollers (which really add that extra volume and bounce) wrap large (2 inch) rollers for hair jaw-length or longer and medium (1 1/8 inch) on shorter hair. Let sit at least 20 minutes.

    Finish With Texture

    Use a one inch curling iron for big, toussled waves, then allow to cool before touching. Gently brush out with a boar brush which allows hair to look fuller, bigger, and unpolished in a sexy way. Finish with a light – medium hold finishing spray.

  4. Be Beautiful From The Inside Out
    The best way to really look and feel your best is to eat the foods that your body needs. A woman who gets all of her nutrients and does not have added sugars, processed foods, and crap, will generally have glowing skin, fuller hair, and a slimmer waistline.

    Eat The Rainbow

    The easiest way to make sure you’re eating all of your daily vitamins and nutrients is to eat one to two foods from each color of the rainbow. There is actually some great truth to this as generally foods from the same color have similar nutrients (strawberries and red bell peppers are both high in vitamin A). Boost collagen production with foods high in vitamin C like spinach, kiwi, kale, and grapefruit. Get Zinc (which can clear acne and lead to a healthy scalp) from chick peas, kidney/white beans, almonds, oysters, and cashews. Find Iron (fuller hair) ¬†in lentils, kidney beans, red meat, and spinach.

    Get Fat

    Not all fats are created equal. Consuming healthy fats like walnuts, avocado, salmon, flax seeds, and coconut oil plump and smooth skin and have been linked to that “glow” some people have. Avoid products labeled “low fat” or “fat free” which generally have added sugar, salt, and other bad-for-your-body ingredients and indulge in some of these fats instead.

  5. Get Glowing, Smooth Skin
    Because it’s not all about your face and waist. Healthy, soft, skin can do wonders for your bombshell self.

    Glow All Year

    I would never condone indoor (or outdoor) tanning. Finding the right self-tanning products will give you a quick and natural color all year long without the health dangers. For those who are skeptical or afraid of a permanent “orange” color chose a gradual self-tanning product such as¬†Jergens Natural Glow¬†which has a gradual color buildup, or for a quick fix chose¬†St Tropez¬†or¬†Jergens Instant Mousse¬†both of which deliver full color within 8 hours. Make sure to apply to clean, exfoliated skin, and if choosing a mousse formula make sure to moisturize with a non-oil-based lotion before hand.


    To make sure you stay beautiful today all the way through your 90’s apply sunscreen daily. That means to your face, your body, everywhere… rain, sleet, or shine! Aside from the deadly risk of skin cancer, not applying daily can lead to wrinkles, sunspots, and tight/leathery skin.

    Firm & Moisturize

    Soft skin is a must! Firm skin is a plus! Choose a daily moisturizing lotion with caffiene and other skin tightening products that will give you a 2-in-1 effect. Try¬†Philosophy¬†Amazing Grace or¬†Palmers¬†Cocoa Butter. Pair either with¬†Clinique Sparkle Skin¬†which is an exfoliating cream that gently leaves skin looking younger and has a slight shimmer… just gorgeous.

That’s all for now loves, I hope you enjoyed!

XoXo Miranda<3