Makeup Trick: Conceal Under-Eye Bags

We’ve all been there-had one too many happy hour margaritas or some super salty appetizers and you wake up the next day with super bloating… especially in your eyes! No fair! Even better if you have genetics on your side (some people are born with a natural tendency to develop under-eye bags and as we age will become increasingly noticeable).

Cue makeup and it’s many wonders of camouflage. With these four easy steps you’ll be looking naturally lifted in no time! I recommend applying an eye cream 10 minutes beforehand that is meant to shrink (usually using caffeine extract) and brighten under eye bags. My favorite is Clinique All About Eyes which comes in a light formula for combination skin and a heavier one for dry.

Step One: Cover dark circles only.
Sound counter active to not conceal the area you are trying to conceal? Light shades draw attention and darker shades will draw light away from your problem areas. Take a concealer two shades lighter than your skin and brush on the shadowy semi-circle just under the puffy part. Set with loose powder.

Step Two: Play up lids and lashes.
Once again by drawing attention to the area above your bags you will kill two birds with one stone by also making puffiness appear diminished. Tap a shimmery champagne shade from lash line to crease to brighten eyes and shift focus away from bags. Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara to make eyes appear larger. (Bobbi Brown makes a beautiful sheer champagne)

Step Three: Lightly define lower lashes.
Use a small brush to trace a soft brown shadow (try one a few shades darker than your skin tone) along lash line. No matter your skin tone, avoid black which will look too harsh.

Step Four: Add some color.
To balance darker eyes and brighten skin sweep a sheer pink blush on the apples of your cheeks. Whether you had one too many last night, missed a few hours of beauty sleep, or naturally have puffy eyes, the world will never know!