Must Have Beauty Tools Tag

Hey again, long time no see! Hahah i just figured id do a quick post ive been meaning to do for at least a week but haven’t really had time to update.

I was recently nominated by the lovely beautyeastcoast to do the must have beauty tools tag.

The rules are simple: you can tag up to 5 people, must list what beauty tools you’re craving to get your hands on, and make sure not to name any makeup, haircare or skincare products in particular, just tools and gadgets you want to try.

Here are mine 🙂


1. The perfect curl. This gizmo is quite the product. It actually sucks your hair into the rounded end and spins it around a heated rod to create the perfect curl at the press of a button. Ive used this before and scary as it might appear, it really does work! I have long hair and it cut my curl time in half! My girl friend just got one and now im jealous! Need!


2. Led nail lamp. I crave beauty products that are time cutting and easy. An led lamp, while pricey originally, will save me manicure money in the future!!


3. Hair removing laser. Okay, so im kind of cheating here. I couldn’t find any pictures of these gadgets that werent a brand name. Seriously though, its at the top of my wish list. Never having to shave again? Count me in!

I also nominate

Good luck ladies xoxo.

Any reviews on these products? Share them in the comments, I’d love to know!