New Beauty Products

Nothing excites me more than new beauty products, seriously! I used to work at a beauty supply store with all hair and nail supplies, as well as a cosmetic counter, so when something new comes out, I immediately get the need-to-try-it-now cravings. Here’s a few of my favorites for April.

Too Faced “Melted Lipstick”.
Rich, Creamy, and Long-Lasting. Amazing. This pigment goes on easily (no bleeding or running) and stays on for hours. The creamy formula helps to blur over any lips that are still recovering from the harsh winter (no flakes or cracks like an ordinary lipstick may leave). Bonus: it’s totally on trend with the super high shine factor. Perfection.

Try: Newest shades Dream House (fuchsia), Tu-Tu (shimmery peach), Macaron (berry), and Violet (bright purple) from their new Metals Collection.

Versace Eros.
Love, Love, LOVE this new fragrance. In the past I’ve used their Versense (which was green, fruity, with a little spice and musk) and decided it was time to switch it up by trying this. First of all, it is so sexy smelling-my boyfriend loves it- named after the Greek god of love. The notes are Sicilian lemon, pomegranate, jasmine, peony, sandalwood, amber, and musk. What I love is that it smells like fresh flowers at first, after a few minutes there’s a citrus scent, followed by a warm amber core. It manages to smell fresh, feminine, and sexy all at once. A Must try!

Roc Retinal Correction Night Cream. I have this problem: I frown in my sleep! I’ve tried everything to stop, but every night it continues. I also have sensitive eyes, always squinting in the sun. It is for this reason that I’ve started to notice little lines developing around my forehead. Petrified to age, and a skincare fanatic, I searched for the best over-the-counter retinal cream and was shocked to find one of the best rated for under 30$. I’ve been using it for about one week and have noticed the lines diminishing, and smoother looking skin. Bonus: no irritation for my sensitive skin, which is a major plus! Now I can relax a bit and smile 🙂