One Product, Three Ways: Physicians Formula Shadow Pallet

Welcome y’all and happy thursday! I wanted to update and post a new segment to my blog called “one product, three ways” which is -exactly as it sounds- where I’ll take a product and demonstrate the many ways you can use it. This could be by showing a few looks you can get from a makeup product or demonstrating different uses for a household product! I hope you like it 😊 

On sunday I picked up an eyeshadow quad from Rite-Aid because all of their products were (and still are) BOGO and I couldn’t resist the sale. 

 The review: the shades on this pallet are gorgeous and I love the shimmer. They are a bit on the natural side so you won’t have to worry about overdoing  it with the pigments. The only downside would be if you were looking to do a dramatic eye look you would have to layer multiple swipes of shadow. 

Using this pallet I compiled three looks and gathered my inspiration from runway makeup in a. New York b. London and c. Italy. 

London. This season was all about light and playful shadows . I chose a light champagne shadow all over and finished with gold in the crease

New York . For this look I wanted something slightly grungy but a little bit softer. First i applied the metallic champagne shade all over the lid and crease. I took the charcoal shade and concentrated it to the outer “v” of my eye and finished with a thin line of liquid liner. 

Italy. The runways at Italy were all about smokey slept-in sultry shadows. I paired the deepest brown and black for this look.