Product Review: Biolage Cleansing Conditioner


Hello my beautiful friends 🙂 I’m having a great day so far and hope you are too! So far today I ran 25 minutes at the gym followed by a mini weight workout, an iced coffee, and a giant healthy salad (my favorite). I also ran a few errands, caught up on my Tan game, and have tried a new product for you all… talk about being productive!

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I recently have been receiving a few cleansing conditioners from companies and have been excited because I’ve never used any. One recent one (from another company I won’t name) I used was .. okay… but has now been reduced to a shaving lotion. I was hoping for this one to be a little better.

Here’s my review.

My Hair.
My hair is of medium density, meaning I have an average amount of strands on my head. It is also medium texture, not too coarse but not fine either. It is also wavy and can get frizzy but also can be oily at the roots (especially if I’m working out a lot). I haven’t colored my hair in years but I also haven’t had it cut in years (!?), and use hot tools a few times a week so I have a bit of damage but nothing major.


What I’m Looking For.

In a shampoo I need something that removes oil and product buildup from my roots without drying out my hair. I also like easy products, so this shampoo & conditioner in one sounds perfect. A nice scent doesn’t hurt either.

Product Claims.
“A one step hair gesture to transform your hair. Cleansing conditioner bye Biolage, ultra-caring formulas to cleanse and condition without harsh ingredients. Formulas with a combination of soap-free cleansers and superfruit, slide away dirt and residue without stripping hair. Cleanse and condition for outstanding manageability. Infused with mango seed oil and ceramide, low-lather cleansing conditioner for damaged hair provides extra gentle cleansing and deep conditioning treatment, hair is less prone to frizz and static and is noticeably healthier-looking and more defined. Suitable for daily use or in between traditional shampooing. Suitable for color-treated hair and for all hair types: fine, medium, curly, or coarse.

….. woah, that’s a lot of promise!

Apply to wet hair. Use 6-8 pumps depending on hair length and density. Distribute evenly and gently massage until hair is completely saturated. For best results, leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. In case of contact with eyes rinse them immediately.

First Thoughts.
Scent is arguably one of the most important features of a product and I am happy to report this one has a light, sweet, citrus scent. It was easy to get product from the jar as it comes with a pump. The formula was lightly creamy, and had a low lather (better than no lather).

The Good.
I like a shampoo with lather, but knowing this was sulfate free I expected none.. but this cleansing conditioner had a little, and that was nice. Also I like that its two-in-one meaning you don’t have to condition after shampooing. My hair felt very soft and smooth (even without conditioner) after rinsing. Most importantly my hair felt CLEAN! Like, really clean, not weighed down at all. It felt incredibly natural, not overstriped of oil just… healthy. I was genuinely surprised in a good way.

The Bad.
My only concern is time. I usually sud up quickly, rinse my hair & condition… hell I could take an 8 minute shower. This product takes a whole 5 minutes to work which can extend your shower a bit. Also, I found that for my medium-long length hair I had to use more like 10 pumps of product to fully cover. Lastly, the warning about avoiding eyes worried me a bit, nothing major but I was paranoid for the product to gravitate from my forehead to my eyes in case of chemical contact.

I would actually highly recommend this product. I was pleasantly surprised and honestly expected it to be sub-par. I applied this product post gym so my hair was a mess but it made my hair soft and clean without adding any weight… something I’ve yet to find from separate shampoo/conditioners to date. It’s well worth the 5 minute wait in my opinion.


So what do you think? Would you try a cleansing conditioner?

And is there any product you’d like me to review?
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Xo Miranda<3