Product Review: Quick Tan

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I figured there was no better time to post this product review than now, as I’m sitting on my couch in the middle of a blizzard. Today in upstate NY we are snowed in & I personally am loving it!

Fun fact about myself: when I was about 18 I worked at a tanning salon for two years. I have no clue why I actually promoted a tanning salon.. possibly because “safe sun” wasn’t so huge back then. The problem was we were supposed to be “tan” while working there, and being Irish I could never get color from a tanning bed (thank god). That’s where my loving relationship with spray tans began.

Now that I’m a little older I prefer a natural glow, in contrast to my naturally pale skin. I’m always looking to try new self tanning products but winter in particular I feel h e need for an extra “boost”. I picked up this Quick Tan self tanning bronzing spray from work a few weeks ago and thought I’d do a review. Maybe I can dream myself to a vacation in St Barts. If not, at least I’ll have the glow to show for it.

What It Is.
Formulated by Body Drench this aerosol mist weighs in at 6 oz (170g). It is a self tanning spray with an added bronzer meaning you will see instant color. The color I chose is medium dark. Fun fact that few people know: you don’t need medium to dark skin tone to use this shade, it simply refers to the shade of tan you’ll see once the color develops. For instance if you chose light you will have a very natural glow, if you chose medium/dark you will see more of a bronze/tan look.

What I Like.
I have tried all formulas for self tanners, they come in mousses, foams, sprays, creams, lotions.. ect. I love this aerosol version because it is just about as easy as they come! You simply spray all desired areas and go, there is no need to rub the color in (avoiding those telltale orange palms). It is also very easy to apply to hard-to-reach areas like the upper back. I used to use a tanning foam that needed to be rubbed in and I either had a splotchy back from trying to apply it myself or a frustrated, barely cooperating fiance from doing it for me.  Another HUGE plus is that it isn’t sticky and requires basically zero drying time.

What I Dislike.
Unfortunately like many self tanning products this one shares a common scent. While it’s not the worst I’ve smelled, it’s also not the best. It does have a slightly sweet scent, but you can tell there’s also a slightly musky one to accommodate. My only other complaint is that the product seems to use up rather quickly. I usually apply every three days, and will get about a month out of each can. While that’s not terrible I do wish I got a few more uses from it.

What About The Color?
I love the color of this particular product. It’s not orange (yuck) but rather a neutral tan. I also like that it isn’t too dark and develops great even coverage. Since you can see the bronzer as you apply you ensure you don’t miss any spots or look streaky.  Another fun tanning trick I’ve picked up is that no matter how much product you apply you will see the same darkness of color so feel free to go all in. Applying less product won’t make you less tan.. you will just be more likely to get blotchy and uneven so chose the light formula if you want a light tan.


Do you have a self tanning product you LOVE? Let me know in the comments, I’ll try anything!


Xo, Miranda.