Product Review:Julep Luxe Lip

‘Tis the season for cozy sweaters, spiced lattes, Holiday parties…. I could go on and on. It is also the season for relentless cold, drying heat, and below zero temperatures. For this reason I am always fighting dry, chapped, lips. Therefore I am constantly looking for the next ultra-hydrating, super-nourishing, non-sticky balm or gloss around this time. Which leads me to this post: A review of Julep Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment.

I got this product in one of my many monthly beauty box subscriptions, this one being Glossybox. When I saw the light-pink-tinted gloss my first thought was “Oh, no. Not another sticky lip gloss I’ll never use”. Upon reading the information and discovering it was in fact a conditioning lip treatment I knew it’d be one I needed to try.

So here goes:
Product: Julep Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment
Cost: 24 US $
Color: While at first the color appears pink, on lips it is invisible with moderate shine.
Smell: Completely odorless.

The Claim: “Treat your lips to long-lasting hydration, a kiss of sheer color, and a boost of volume. This silky lip conditioner is fortified with omega-rich pumpkin oil, nourishing sunflower wax, and healing vitamin E. Green coffee bean oil smoothes fine lines and enhances definition. The cooling metal tip stimulates circulation so lips look full and gorgeous.”

The Pros: This is one of the most moisturizing balms I’ve tried, and better yet it isn’t sticky … you can put it on and forget its there. It was also odorless so there was no funky smells and fragrance free means non drying.

The cons: If you are looking for a bright, fun, lip color this is a no-go (the product is all business, no play).
 My Impression: So I’m kind of a glossiphobe (Is that a thing?) and tend to steer clear of anything that might be sticky or goopy. This product however goes on sheer, and really feels like pure cashmere. It is soo silky! It glides on effortlessly and leaves a very pretty natural shine.

The metal cooling tip was invigorating and felt great, though I’m not completely sold on it leaving my lips looking “plump” (I have very small lips). Nevertheless I wasn’t in it for fullness but more for conditioning which I got plenty of! Within seconds my lips felt soft and smooth and no longer chapped. It was a miracle. A few days later and my lips are still great.

Overall: Everything worked like it claimed and I’m incredibly happy with it. I would give it an “A” rating, the only thing better would be a slight tint of color. Still, I would recommend this product to anyone for the upcoming winter months. So worth the 24$ for a product that actually works!