Product Review:The Balm Matte Lipstick

Hey guys, Happy Friday! You know what would make your weekend better? A long lasting, moisturizing, lipstick that can accompany you from the farmers market to a night out on the town.

Seriously, I love this lipstick.

MakerThe Balm

Name: Meet Matt(e) Hughes
Price: 17 dollars, US price.

What it is: A long lasting liquid lipstick that comes in 12 adorably named shades ranging from nude to hot pink to deep red.

First thoughts: The packaging is super cute and easy to use. It is clearly labeled that you are purchasing a liquid matte lipstick, which I like. The shades are all listed at the top of the box and accurately match the color of the lipstick.

Sentimental on left, Committed on right.

The feel: This texture goes on creamy. It feels very moisturizing and soft. It is very easy to apply as it does glide on quite smoothly so you’ll want to take extra care to have precise application.

Application: When you first apply this product you will notice a fresh minty smell and a cooling sensation due to the peppermint oil within it, which is a nice & pleasant surprise. The wand makes application easy as it is smooth on the sides to help glide on while also coming to a point at the tip to help line the outer lips (I didn’t even use lip liner).

But Does It Last? Actually, yes! All day. Really. You may wish to touch up from time to time to ensure 100% even coverage if you’re compulsive like me but besides that you can expect this lipstick to stay with you from day to night. Many lipsticks claim to last but fade or disappear at the sip of a coffee but not this one. I’ve worn it many times, even out to drinks, and not once had to worry about my lip color fading. It is incredibly freeing actually.

(wearing Committed)

Anything Else? Yes. I have to say this product is amazing lasting through food and drinks of all kinds. It also does not leave your lips dry and flaky. Even after hours of wear it doesn’t leave your lips looking shrunken and wrinkled. After taking it off you lips aren’t dry and flaky. It’s as if you never wore the color at all.

The Only Downside: as a long wearing lipstick it IS a bit difficult to take off. You’ll certainly want an oil based makeup remover as my Micellar water didn’t make it budge at all!.



(Wearing Sentimental)


That’s all for now loves,
Have a great weekend!
Xo, Miranda.