Product Review:The Balm

So we got this awesome new makeup line at work called The Balm. As it turns out it is an incredibly popular product already in the states and already has a cult-like following… and for a good reason! I’ve reviewed their matte lipstick line and now I’ll review their Batter Up eyeshadow stick and Mr Write (Now) stick liner.

I just have to say I LOVE the creative packaging and all of the detail that goes into each and every package.  It’s all very retro and almost too nice to toss away (don’t we all have an inner hoarder?)

The shades I selected today are Pinch Hitter (eyeshadow) and Scott Brown Bordeaux  (eye liner). Both are beautiful burgundy shades, and the eyeshadow had a very subtle metallic effect.

First up: Battery Up eyeshadow stick in Pinch Hitter.

 I’m always a bit wary of eyeshadow sticks as I find they are either dry and underpignented or too creamy and lacking of staying powder. I’m happy to report this shadow is none of that. It glides on smoothly and stays all day. It made for a very easy morning getting ready as all I had to do was apply one swipe. This shade had just enough shimmer to avoid being overpowering  (it is a deep shade) or dull. A perfect medium! I did notice after a 10 hour work day there was a bit of smudging in the crease area but rest assured, I applied a dab of eye shadow primer on the next day before application and solved the problem rather quickly. 

Such a beautiful, rich, deep color.

Next up: Mr Write (Now) eyeliner. The shades I’ve purchased so far are Scott. B Bordeaux and Bill B. Brown. 

First Impression. 

Once again these shades glide on very easily and don’t budge once set. They will stay with you from your coffee to your cabrinet, and what girl doesn’t want that? They are matte and functional. Not too much shine and as of now no crazy fashion colors-and you know what- that works just fine for me. These liners are richly pigmented and are a perfect compliment to shadows. 

Lasting Power.

I’ve owned the liners for a few weeks now and am happy to report they haven’t dried out. I prefer retractable eye liner sticks to pencils as they seem to glide on more smoothly and don’t pull and tug at lashes as much. Unfortunately I’ve purchased a few brands that allow too much air to reach the product causing them to dry out. It’s a win win when you find a good one that doesn’t dry out and this babes a winner!
That’s all for now loves 

Xo, Miranda ❤