Protection All Summer Long

It’s finally here: buds are blooming, the days are longer, the temperature is up. Finally, after what seemed like the longest winter ever, we are able to leave the house in sleeveless dresses, and adorable teensy tiny shorts. And then there’s the beach, the water, the barbecues, what’s not to love? I don’t know about yall but I am seriously loving this summer weather.

Unfortunately with the warm glowing sun comes damage, burns, and wrinkles (yuck). The good news is that a little prep and you can still safely enjoy the sun and all the activities you love -sans any of the negatives. As for that post-vacation-glow?  I’ll proudly admit I fake mine, and reccomend using jerkins firming sunless glow lotion for dry skin tones or jergkins mousse form for oil/combination. St tropez makes an amazing sunless line as we’ll and while it will cost you more is absolutely worth it (no orange streaks).

Here are my tips for safe sun on any occasion.

Scenario: a day trip to the beach. you probably already know to bring sunscreen, now focus on using the right amount. I prefer a non-stick spray formula that contains avobenzone (the only chemical that absorbs the entire UVA spectrum).  Maximize your spray by holding only one to two inches from your body and hit each section for two seconds, then rub it into your skin. Remember to reapply if you sweat or swim, and don’t forget your glasses, straw brimmed hat, and umbrella (think Jackie-O at the beach)

The scenario: outdoor sports. You’re all signed up for a team match of beach volley ball, baseball, ect.

The fix: you’ll likely need a broad spectrum water-resistant formula, thanks to perspiration. Once again chemical avobenzone comes in for the win, as it won’t clump and will absorb any UV rays before they have a chance to damage.  Apply 20 minutes before you plan to be in the sun, the general amount of time required for chemical sunscreens to absorb, and reapply every 2 hours. 

The scenario: you commute (and who doesn’t?) Even a 20 minute ride to and from work accumulates damage, equate that to over 3 and a half hours if you work 5 days a week.

The fix: chose a face and body sunscreen when getting ready for work that is SPF 30 or higher. The new skincare buzz is SPF serums which can be applied to face and neck areas before makeup. They are lightweight, moisturizing, and won’t clog pores. For your body aim for one shot glass of sunscreen lotion per area.

The scenario: weekend fun. After working an office job monday-Friday, come Saturday all I want is to be outdoors. Ill grocery shop at the local farmers market, spend time with Elliott and the dogs in the yard, you name it I’ll do it-as long as it’s outside!

The fix: chose an SPF stick that contains physical blockers, look for zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which sit on the skin for instant protection. Apply four passes back and forth on each area, remember to hit tricky spots like toes, ears, lips, and hairline.

The scenario: vacation. When you plan to spend a significantly higher amount of time in the sun you’ll need serious protection. 

The fix: avoid burns at all costs by using a block with high SPF. Look once again for zinc oxide or titanium dioxide because they are big molecules which will physically sit on top of skin and block rays for a longer period of time. Layer two coats of sunscreen apply one, let it dry, apply the second