Quick & Simple Beauty Solutions.

Day two of 17 left at my current job, but who’s counting right? Today dragged a bit, was cold and rainy.. overall sleepy weather and all I wanted to do today is lay somewhere and watch a chick flick. Ever get that way?

Days like today are the prime reason for this post. Say you’re tired,groggy, hungover, or just overall not into it. Do you skip your face wash because you just can’t force yourself to go through the tedious routine? Or maybe you show up to work a little worse for the wear and it shows because you skipped your makeup/hair routine because it was just too much.

Maybe not. I certainly get a little lazy from time to time so I figured I’d share some quick & easy beauty tricks for when you’re just not able to commit to a full beauty regime.

  • Always remove your makeup. Aside from the obvious blackheads and clogged pores that can come from not removing makeup, you can also end up with dull skin and over time wrinkles


  • Fix it:  I always keep my Micellar water (This one is only $7.99) on my dresser in a little tin with cotton balls, a toner, and moisturizer. Dab some of the solution onto the cotton ball and rub in tiny circles over your entire face (most formulas are even safe for eyes). I love this product because it feels like water but will remove makeup and cleanse skin. Follow up in your T-Zone with toner and moisturize last. When its all in front of you its hard to ignore.
  • Always moisturize! Dry, flaky skin is a no-go, but also lack of moisture can make fine lines and wrinkles stand out. You can also end up with tight, itchy skin which is not fun for anyone.
    Fix It: try a twice a day moisturizer such as Clinique’s DDML+. Without sunscreen, fragrance, or any well-known irritants, you can apply twice this morning and night easily. Layer any additional anti-aging products on top for extra credit.
  • Always: Use sunscreen. With all the data out there showing that lack of protection from the sun can lead to aging damage to skin and scary health side effects, nobody should ignore this rule, no matter how late you’re running
    Fix It: Store a stick formula in your bag for times you forget, It can literally be a lifesaver. You can also stock up on products that are all-in-one, say a BB or CC cream with SPF 35+ and a tinted lip balm with SPF 15+.
  • Always: Style your hair. No girl wants to have questionable hair, no matter where you’re going.
    Fix It: Try accessorizing with a cute scarf or hat for the easiest solution that takes less than a minute.
  • Always attempt to do your makeup. You never know what opportunity may be waiting for you or who you may meet. Wouldn’t want to be kicking yourself later on.

The fix: work smarter not harder. Select a light concealer containing light diffusing optics and multitasking makeup products. A shimmery eye cream can be used as a highlighter (champagne for light skin, gold for medium or dark skin) and any cheek or lip color can be used for the same purpose. Simply dab your finger on the lip color and press into cheek area for a sheer tint. All set!