Quick Tips: Lipstick Fix


Problem: Fading
Fix:  keep color from fading by creating a base with a lip liner the shade of your lips. Start by outlining the rim of your mouth for definition, then fill in the rest to give the lipstick something to cling to.

Problem:  Lipstick On Your Teeth
Fix: Don’t smush your lips together after applying lipstick. The back and forth motion can cause color to migrate to your teeth. Instead, say “ma, ma, ma” to blot lipstick while keeping it in place.

Problem:  Lipstick That Feathers
Fix: finish by tracing around the edge of your mouth with concealer, using a lip brush for precision. It’ll act as a barrier, preventing lipstick from running off throughout the day or night.

Quick post tonight just wanted to share! Work/Life has been super busy and i still have to pack for my trip to California next week… ahhh!

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