S.O.S. Hair Edition


This weather has been seriously perfect lately. It’s like we jumped from the dead of winter straight into summer, and believe me I’m not complaining. Last night after a long Monday at work and a decent workout at the gym I was exhausted and can I tell you how amazing it was to be able to sit on our back deck with a glass (or two!) of red wine, listening to music and grilling. It was like the perfect de-stresser!

There is a not-so-nice side effect of this weather though, and that’s how it usually effects our hair. Unfortunately warm, humid weather can bring frizz and poof, the sun and salt can dry your hair, and chlorine can make the shade slightly less flattering. Fear not though I’ve found some great advice to help with all of your warm weather woes.

1. Sunshine is leaving your hair dried and fried. UV rays can leave your hair lacking moisture, which can lead to split ends.

Slow down on washing. I’m sure you’ve heard that shampooing every day can strip hair of it’s natural oils, and when your hair is sun-damaged it is especially sensitive. Try going one to two days without washing your hair (dry shampoo is a summer staple, try Redken Powder Refresh) and you will save your hair stress. If you must shampoo, look for one that is labeled “sulfate free”  which will get hair clean minus the foamy lather that is the usual culprit for dryness. And make sure to apply it only to your scalp as that is the strongest part of your hair and holds the most oil, when you rinse the remaining shampoo will automatically be washed over your hair shaft.

Add back moisture. Every week or two add a deep conditioning treatment into your regimen and make sure to use a daily leave-in conditioner to damp hair, aim for one that contains Vitamin E which is known to restore hairs moisture. Bonus points if it contains a sun-shielding ingredient or SPF.

Pay attention to your ends. These are the first parts of hair to show signs of dryness and weakness and should be addressed quickly. You don’t want ends to split. Try a hair oil on the lower half of your hair to add back nourishment and seal them into place. Stop mid-shaft and you won’t have to worry about oily hair.

2. Your hair is faded or brassy. UV rays will also effect your hair color, leaving it dull and lacking color or worse- brassy.

Try a hair sunscreen. Yes-these do exist! It will help keep ray’s from penetrating the hair shaft (protective layer) and breaking down the pigment molecules.  You can purchase these from your local stylist, beauty store, or make a DIY version by adding 2 tbsp sunblock and a cup of water into a spray bottle for lightweight protection.

Get a gloss treatment. Many stylist’s will offer these quick and cheap treatments which simply add shine back to your hair and seal the cuticle. They even have ones that contain slight color to revive your hue.

3. All that moisture is making your hair unbearably frizzy and puffy. This happens when cuticles take in added moisture and the best way to avoid it is by maintaining a regular trim to keep your hair healthy. If it’s too late…

Smooth things out. Frizzy hair needs lots and lots of moisture to stay smooth. Try a silicone-infused cream after you shampoo which will help to create a barrier from a. holding moisture in, and b. keeping humidity out.

Cool down. After blowdrying hit the cool setting for one minute to seal the cuticle. This added step will help once again prevent sneaky humid air from seeping into your hair and making it swell.

I myself have been blessed with naturally wavy hair. It’s great because it can curl or straighten easily but when it’s humid it is a big, fluffy, nightmare. How does your hair handle the heat?