Spotlight On: Dermarolling

Guys, this is a post I’ve been so excited to write! I first heard about dermarolling (last spring?) and instantly wanted to know more. With a little research I found that it can help serums penetrate deeper, improve the texture of your skin, and even help fade scars & fight wrinkles!

Are you all in already?

Well there are a few more things you need to know.

What it is.
A derma roller is a skincare tool that usually has a long handle with a round surface at the end filled with tiny microscopic needles. Sounds a bit scary but it’s worth noting that these needles range from .25mm (barely there) to 1.65mm (going to cause some bleeding).

What’s the deal.
Here’s the thing: Aestheticians and other skin care specialists have been using derma rollers for years, generally as an anti aging service. The needles on the rolling end of this tool are meant to roll over (and puncture) the surface of the skin to stimulate new cell production. When your skin’s cell production increases it can boost collagen production to fight wrinkles and sallowness, as well as heal over those red acne or stretch mark scars. Now at home versions (with much smaller needles) exist for you to use at your own convenience. They come in all sizes so you can use a small for just around the eyes or a large for your forehead/cheek area.

The pros.
As I’ve already mentioned this device is proven effective in producing collagen and fighting wrinkles as it tricks your body into thinking it is injured prompting it to start the “healing process”.  It is able to go deep through the layers of skin, unlike your average peel, scrub, serum, ect. After several treatments it can also help heal acne & stretch mark cells. It is also easy, I mean as easy as spreading a night cream over your face. It can also improve skins texture, and can cost as little as 30$ to purchase. Also worth mentioning, it can be used on your body too!

The cons. 
Dermarolling isn’t for everyone. It can cause irritation, redness, and even bleeding! These irritations usually occur when using a model with deeper needles. In fact, it is recommended if you want to use a model with deeper needles to visit a skin care specialist as opposed to doing it at home. You should note that while this is proven to work, it will probably take multiple sessions before you notice any huge change in skin. It is also important to NEVER share your roller with a friend, family member, anyone.. as it does penetrate skin and can can cause infections. Lastly, you do need to sanitize your tool with each use using either hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol, once again to prevent infections.



Alright my friends, the verdict is yours, would you use a derma roller??


Xo, Miranda<3