Spotlight On: Microblading

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While the phrase “On fleek” has totally seen it’s day, big, bold brows are still in. Blame Instagram, Youtube, beauty blogs or Kylie Jenner. Needless to say brows are here to stay. & While you probably tossed your tweezers long ago, and regularly stock up on Anastasia brow products, there’s a new trend out there that might save you a lot of time and money.

So maybe you overtweezed in when teensy weensy brows were in. Or maybe you just weren’t naturally #blessed. Or maybe you’re sick of spending a half hour painting on brows before heading to the grocery store. Point is you may need a little help in the brow department.

Enter microblading: a semi-permanent form of tattooing where the pigment is placed under the skin using a manual tool (as opposed to a machine) A specialist draws tiny hair-like strokes into skin to resemble natural brows.

Interested? Read on for more information.
What To Expect.
First things first, you’ll need to grow your brows out prior to the procedure which means no waxing, tweezing, or maintenance of any kind. Generally after a consultation your technician will begin to outline your brows to resemble your end result. After that they will rub a numbing cream over your brow area to “ease the pain”. Next they have you lay down and create tiny superficial cuts along the browline using sterile disposable blades. Lastly they deposit color over the cuts to “seep in” like natural hairs. The whole process usually takes about an hour.

How Long Will It Last?
Microblading is a semi-perminant tattoo, which means if you love your results you will want to get them touched up eventually. On the bright side results usually last one to three years!

How Much Will It Cost?
The cost of microblading varies from technician to technician. Generally the more skilled the technician, the more you’ll pay. But honestly, we’re talking a face tattoo here… so I’d recommend shelling out a bit more. Rates can vary $250-2500 but on average you’ll spend at least $600. To even out the cost though, you’ll never have to buy another brow product again, so depending on your Sephora habit you may even save money!

Is It Painful?
Well that depends on your pain tolerance. Remember, they are making over 100 tiny cuts into your face so for many you’ll notice some sort of discomfort during and after the procedure. The technician will use numbing cream but there’s more than one to choose from. The pre-procedure topical numbing creme takes the edge off the first few strokes but doesn’t offer full coverage of pain, then there’s a lidocaine based one which sinks in after each cut. That means you’ll feel pain before it begins to work.. it’s best to consult your servicer before picking one (or both)

Anything Else?
It’s important to avoid sun immediately before and after the procedure. It’s also important to not get your brows wet or sweat profusely for up to a week after the service.


What do you think? Would you get microbladed?!?


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