Stress Fix: Beat The Stress You Don’t Even Know You Have

Happy Thursday Y’all! I’m so happy I have today off & it’s been wonderful so far, went for a long jog/walk with Elliott followed by breakfast at our favorite diner. With the holiday season coming up I know there is bound to be more stress in our lives between family events, diet disasters, and costly gifts so I think it’s important to talk about how to help eliminate stress sources.

Did you know that the more you dwell on stressful things in your life your body actually builds up a tolerance level? That means that daily habits you probably aren’t aware of like negative self talk (I can never look as great as her, ect) are actually constantly causing your body stress. Unfortunately this means that your body is taking a beating.

Constant stress can cause:

  • Inflammation
  • A release of free radicals into your body which cause all sorts of damage and have been linked to cancer and wrinkles.
  • Your body loses the ability to accurately regulate metabolism, cholesterol, and blood sugar
  • A build up of adrenaline and Cortisol (the fat hormone) can cause weight gain

How to recognize if you are over-stressed

  • You catch yourself constantly thinking negatively
  • You’re a “perfectionist”
  • You constantly criticize yourself and the people around you
  • A few hours into work you start noticing back pains or headaches (your body’s adrenaline can cause these)

If all of this is already stressing you out there are some simple solutions for countering stress and reversing damage. The first thing you have to do is actively put a stop to the negative thinking, pay close attention to your thoughts and when you catch yourself thinking negatively think of something that makes you happy.

Here are some more ways to reduce stress!

  1. Put down the phone & meet a friend!
    We’ve all read about the negative impacts social media can have on the brain (those feelings of dis contempt and sadness after a Facebook session aren’t in your head) as most people only post the good things in their lives leaving you feeling sub-par. On the other hand, having face-to-face contact with a friend forms a genuine connection and releases feel-good hormones. Plus, having a therapeutic session with a friend is a huge stress reliever and may actually leave you expressing feelings you didn’t even know you had!
  2. Relax on your workouts!
    Okay so a good cardio sweat-session may in fact relieve some stress but can also backfire on you. The problem is that many people push through these intense workouts with some goal in mind (how fast you can go, how many calories you burn, ect) and can encourage you to beat yourself up. Instead, every day until you feel calmer, set aside time to take an outdoor stroll.. the vitamin D you get from the sun will boost your mood and relax you. Plus getting in tune with nature can help you get in tune with yourself also. Talk about a win-win.
  3. Find your calling.
    Ask yourself “what matters most to me in life?”  Then think of ways to stay connected with whats really important to you each day. By focusing on the positive things you can do for future you can actually help relax present you. Plus by contributing to your main goal will knock out residual stress.

And some quick things to keep yourself less stressed

  • Get 8 hours of sleep daily (the less sleep you get the more stressed you become)
  • Try 5 minutes of deep breathing when you wake up or a few times a day.
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Read a great book (tea/coffee optional but recommended)
  • Make a list (keep a notebook by your bed for late night thoughts)
  • Sex, self explanatory
  • Think of something positive or that you are grateful for
  • Cook something
  • Take a luxurious soak

I hope this helped & can help in the future!

What do you do to de-stress??

Love, Miranda<3