Sunday Funday

Hey everyone posting a late Sunday Funday today! I can’t believe another week has come and gone and I’ve been busier than ever, so much for slowing down this year! Honestly, it’s been great though.. I got the new position I was hoping for which will come with better hours! Also we’ve been looking every day for new houses to no avail, I’ll be honest it’s been a rough market but I remain optomistic and we have time.

Besides all that we have been doing pretty good. Elly loves his new job & he’s been kicking arse at it! We also have been cooking a lot healthier and trying a bunch of new things so I’m excited to start sharing some unique recipes with y’all. I really believe that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring, expensive, and difficult but can be fun & tasty and actually cost less than takeout!

Here are my favorite links from around the web this week:



  1. Delicious Buffalo potato salad to warm you up this winter 2. the best Ten ab exercises to complete your New Year’s resolution 3. Beautiful Watercolor inspired walls 4. How to Recover after the holidays (neccesary) 5. The Netflix Hack to unlock secret movie genres 6. Sweet homemade candy Joe Joes 7. Healthy cauliflower General Tso’s “chicken”… I’m making this for dinner tonight! 8. Makeups that cover & Clear breakouts at the same time 9. Six Important things to remember at your first (and every) job!


That’s all for now loves,
Till next time!
<3 Miranda