Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday Y’all! I hope you guys had awesome fun weekends and also that you’re lucky enough to have tomorrow off!? Working for a bank does have it’s privileges 🙂 This weekend was fun, Friday was wine & movie night with Elly (it usually is hah) Saturday was drinks & games with friends at our place, and tonight is homemade Split Pea Soup, yoga, and R&R with some spa treatments and books/magazines! Tomorrow is gym & lunch with friends… whats new lol

Guys I’ve been cooking healthy lately and experimenting with different kinds of grains & veggies and I’ve gotta say I’m quite proud of myself! I can’t wait to share some recipes with you all because I have to say they’re coming out so good! Like my banana & chocolate “ice cream”, my General Tso’s cauliflower “chicken” and my barley, kale, and mushroom “risotto” with miso brown butter. I’m seriously in love with all! Would you be interested in me sharing some recipes?!?

Anyways, here are my favorite links from around the web to get you through the work week!

1. Amazing  Valentines gift ideas for everyone in your life! 2. Unique and awesome ideas to keep in mind when using your Spiralizer 3. Why Clown Contouring  is here to stay 4. what your Drink of choice says about your health 5. The Real Reason you’re not losing weight 6. Great Tips  for those who struggle with eyeshadow 7. How to Eat Clean for an entire week (or even longer!) 8. Delicious and healthy Almond Joy Smoothie 9. Creative and inexpensive Date night ideas 10. Easy crockpot Split Pea Soup…. Making this tonight 11. 100 Mascaras  tested on ONE eye, really cool!


That’s all for now loves, have a great week
X0, Miranda<3