Sunday Funday

Hello my dears! Have you missed me? Here’s the deal: hubby’s laptop has a virus, and it’s our only source of internet for now, so when I post I’m treading dangerous waters. If I’m not around as much, know that’s why and I WILL be back ASAP! We’re looking into the best way to clear up his comp and probably booking an appointment with someone soon.

My weekend’s been fun so far. My birthday was Friday and we had some champagne and a yummy dinner so we could go to bed early for our planned hike. Saturday was one of the Adirondack high peaks named aptly “Giant Mountain”. It was such an INTENSE hike. We ran out of water, our boots gave us blisters, and there were some questionable giant rock climbing moments that scared me to the core but we made it. The original plan was to meet up with some friends after our hike but I just couldn’t …. way too tired. Stopped for some nice fried (well earned) food and then slept 12 hours hahah.

Today was a chill day, some shopping, errands, and then food at my parents later.

How was your weekend?!?

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That’s all for now loves,
have a great week ahead!
Xo, Miranda<3