Sunday Funday

Wow it’s Sunday again already? This week FLEW by, thank the heavens above that I have Monday off. I hope you’ve all had lovely weekends ūüôā So far I’ve tried to keep it as low key as possible as I’m feeling a bit of a burnout lately. Just have been stretching myself too thin with all of my friends and family…. there’s just not enough time for everyone!! Ugh, the struggle is real.. tell me I’m not the only one here?

So Friday we met with Elly’s dad to help him prepare for his sister flying into town and staying the night, then we went out for dinner. Saturday I got up early & hit the gym for an hour, then met with my father to help him move, followed by meeting with a friend for to catch up and watch fireworks. She came over my house and we just talked and then the tree of us went to the hill across the street to watch fireworks over the river. All that’s left for today is visiting Elliott’s grandmother with his sister and mother. THEN I’M DONE! Crawling into a hole for a day.

What are your plans this weekend?

Here are my favorite links around the web this week.

BeFunky Collage

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Have a happy and SAFE holiday guys<3
Xo, Miranda.