Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday everybody! I hope you’re all having great weekends ūüôā Me and Elly have done A LOT of rearranging the house and cleaning. I certainly believe in energy flow and if your house is cluttered it can become an energy trap & feel draining but if it’s open you feel energized. Think of when you come home to a cluttered home, it feels so bad, but if you come home to a clean open space you feel happy.

Last night we drove up to see Elliott’s mothers house near Saratoga for dinner and a fire. We had a great time! She lit candles, set up a beautiful table, and made delicious food & drinks. It’s Travers weekend so we avoided the city like a plague .. and it was so nice staying in.

Today I’m relaxing. I plan to finish cleaning up a bit & read my book (with lots of coffee and tea). I also have started a product review piece that I’ll publish this upcoming week. Who doesn’t love a pore refining mask!? We’ll see.

*On a side note, I got a new job! Yayy the search is over!! I’ll be starting at the beauty supply store on September 8th, a random day I know but I had to give a full two weeks to get my vacation time paid out. I contacted my previous employer to make sure I could use her as a reference on my resume and she offered me a job. It’s close to home, I know how to do the job already (and used to love it), and its in the beauty industry. This means for everyone LOTS more product reviews! I’m so excited*

BeFunky Collage

  1. Brunchworthy¬†Braid¬†ideas that are trending now 2. Salted caramel &¬†Chocolate¬†covered potato chip sundays.. drool 3. The new¬†Natural¬†statement brow 4. Red¬†Moon¬†over Manhattan cocktail 5. Important¬†Signs¬†you’re working out too hard 6. The best¬†Career¬†advice, from people who’ve done it all 7. Lessons sober you could¬†Learn¬†from drunk you 8. 35¬†Fall¬†inspired farmers market recipes 9. Why the¬†IT Guy¬†spies on you at work!


Longer post today than usual but a lot has been going on! How did you spend your weekend?

Have a great day<3
Xo, Miranda.