Sunday Funday

Hey guys happy Sunday! I hate the end of a weekend (especially since I work every other one) but it’s been fun. I figured I’d do a picture update since I never really do!

Friday I made my signature low carb healthy taco salad, planned 2 posts, killed a workout, studied, met up with a friend, and relaxed. This taco salad is ground beef with organic corn, minced garlic and onion, sauteed till brown. Then you add 1 tsp each paprika, cumin, chili powder, and 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper. Then you add it to some lettuce, beans, and cheese. Top with sour cream, salsa, guac, whatever.

Saturday morning we slept in then went for a fun couples workout at Elliott’s gym around 10. I love couples workouts, he warms up with basketball, I go for a run/stair climber, then we meet back to do a body workout. Its a great bonding experience and we both really push each other to work harder. It’s great to have your guy supporting you and telling you you can keep going!

After the gym we hit up the local flea market to find a piece to restore. Elliott was looking for a new coat rack but when we saw this mirror he came up with the great idea of restoring it and making it into a coat rack. Genius guy! So we sanded it down, stained it, and attached hooks. I think it came out great! The after picture was taken in bad lighting and before windexing… I’ll post a new one soon! We love restoring projects and do this quite often.

So I’d planned to do a few things saturday night but after such a long great day nothing sounded better than a glass of red, my book, and watching Fixer Upper!

Sunday is usually a cozy day in our house as Elliott is all about the relaxation (whereas I’m go go go). It’s a good balance though. I’m posting from bed as my whole house sleeps with a cup of hazelnut coffee. Later I plan to hit the bakery ūüėČ and make it to the gym!


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How was your weekend?

Xo, Miranda